First build

I’m going to bite the bullet and have ago at building my own quad. I’m thinking of twig style with HD unit, I just have a couple of questions at the mo which are.

Is the new cadax starlight unit (if that’s what there called ) the Dji air unit replacement ??? Are the air units still available for purchase or have they been phased out??..

Is there a good site to get frames from as I don’t want a frame I could buy per build if that makes sense?.

The Air unit and Air Unit lite (vista) are still available it’s the original cameras that are not available. But there are alternatives out now like the caddx polar and the runcam link.

You’ll need to do your own research on if they are right for you or not as it’s personal preference and some features are not available on the new cameras that are on the original cameras. Like the camera settings some of the cameras you can’t change brightness saturation etc etc. Also most of the newer cams are locked into 16:9 mode with no option of 4:3. Also a lot of the new cams are locked to high quality mode without the option to switch to low latency mode… depends on how you feel about the limitations of the new cams.


JB covers some of your questions in this video.

Essentially all the Air units are identical as they’re still made by DJI. Your dilemma will be which camera to go for as @DeanoG60 says not all the cameras are created equal.


Thanks for that mate, it really is a minefield, I would of gone for a caddx Vista unit but they are all out of stock.

So next choice would be an air unit with polar cam, but if I’m right??? the air units are heavier than the vista. Therefore I’m thinking the best way forward would be a vista unit with a polar cam which I have in my Nazgul…

Does the above seem right ???

Yeah the air units are bigger and heavier.

The vista with the polar if you’re already flying it then will be perfect for you.

I agree they are good especially now it gets dark early I can squeeze a couple of packs in after work :+1:t3:

So 1st decision made now to find a twig frame that will carry it :+1:t3:

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are you thinking 3 inch?

Hmmm something a xt30 850mAh will give plenty of power to ??

I’d say you’re looking at a 3 or 4 inch or maybe even a lightweight 5inch. are you concerned about the magic 250g weight restriction?

250 no as long as its got the power, I like the sound of this 1, but its out of stock anyhow…

Only just started looking so I’ll check out the 4inch range

Sorry forgot to add link :man_facepalming:t2:

A lightweight 5inch nice :+1:t2:

Might be a bit tight for a vista though :thinking:

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Hmm you think so :thinking:

Ok, well its not available anyhow so Ill keep looking but I do like that style…

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A 4 inch apex frame designed to fit the vista?


Great recommendation Deano :+1:t2: These are fantastic frames the Micro Apex. I have a mate who has the 3", 4", 2 X 5" and they all fly brilliantly. And if you fancy something a little different you can now get the Micro frame and order special 5" arms to fit it so you get a super lightweight 5" Apex with a Micro body :star_struck: This is something I’ve been considering for my next build

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This look interesting :eyes:


That’s the frame I’ve just recommended :ok_hand:t2:

They are fantastic frames :heart_eyes:

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Yah I youtube it sounds good found this 1 also…

Like the idea of this one as I have a load of 4S 1500mah batteries which I could use.

Would 2306 motors be powerful ??

That will fit the full size air unit :+1:t2:

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