Flight Location Issue

Could just be me being a newbie but when selecting w3w or coords link in a flight location image pop-up it just reset the map. Am I missing something really obvious?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this…


What device are you using?

I have the same issue using iPhone, Andriod and Windows

It’s only on some not all :man_shrugging:

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In the meantime - if you click on the pop-up header …


… and go to the full location details … the link there works fine.


Bug confirmed, thanks @Flitwick-David

Will fix as soon as I can.

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Only tried IOS on my ipad so far

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Works on iOS 15.6.1 - iPhone 12 Pro

For me anyway

Thanks, glad it’s not me being a newbie then

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Thanks Dave, didn’t realise you can do that

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No probs. :+1: First time I’d tried. :wink:

… and the “:beetle:” might have been there too.

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Bug now fixed - thanks again for the report @Flitwick-David


Fantastic, thanks for resolving so quickly :+1:

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