Drone Scene - Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

A thread to list and discuss the minor updates and bug fixes to Drone Scene that don’t warrant a thread of their own.

Minor bug fix rolled out today.

@Flitwick-David reported that the links in the co-ordinates and what3words link in the info balloon on the map were no longer working.

They are now :blush:


Hotfix patch applied today for the bug that @D0c.Col and @Kirky reported whereby location marker pins won’t stay open if they have large amounts of text in them.

They stay open now and will offer a “…more info?” link inside the popup balloon.


Hotfix applied this morning for Safari browsers.

When changing the basemap or turning layers on and off they weren’t being saved against your profile:

Which meant that next time you visited Drone Scene it couldn’t display the last layer-selections that you’d made.

Sorry Safari users, fixed now.


@PingSpike - Minor formatting bug in listing of the “Where to fly your drone” category.

Not sure if you know?

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The actual topic titles are OK - so suspect this might be a Discourse issue.

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Yes, it looks like the code for the listing is using:

listing = title + region

When it should just be title, as it already had been appended with region :man_shrugging:

Discourse knows nothing about regions. That is only a value within DS.

Once posted by DS to Discourse the topic title is the only thing that Discourse can see … and, within each topic, the title is correct.

A lot of Discourse updates were made on Saturday … and probably relates.

Indeed - that “duplication” end of the “title” in the #where-to-fly-your-drone-in-the-uk listing isn’t even clickable.

Even in default home page format … (I use “Latest”) …

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Probably a Moiré … :rofl:

Yes, it is not inside the anchor element.

<span class="link-top-line">

<a href="/t/bucklers-forest-fire-tower-added-to-everything-else-in-south-east/58925/1" role="heading" aria-level="2" class="title raw-link raw-topic-link" data-topic-id="58925">Bucklers Forest Fire Tower - Added to Everything Else in South East</a>

South East </span>

:point_up: This last line shouldn’t have ‘South East’ after the anchor and before the closing span.

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That’ll be Discourse.

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Also confirming it’s a Discourse bug are really old posts across from DS that display the duplication … and nothing has happened (DS-wise) with those posts in ages.

Only #where-to-fly-your-drone-in-the-uk posts … perhaps related to the long category name.

It’s above my paygrade to change category titles. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know. I looked back to 2020, and saw the same.

That said, if the underlying code has changed, Dave, even in a recent update - then it will apply the same formatting to all posts … irrespective of date.

P.S. just pointing it out in case Rich is unaware.

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Precisely. And there were a shit load of updates to Discourse on Saturday.

The Discourse data for those posts is totally unchanged … since in ages.

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Thanks for the heads up Chris @clinkadink - I hadn’t actually noticed it myself.

As Dave suggests, it’s a Discourse problem that came in with the updates at the weekend. Or more specifically, it’s a bug in the “Locations” plugin that we use on the forum, which was also updated during the downtime on Saturday.

The plugin author is aware of the issue, seems a few people have reported it to them, but sadly no planned fix date has been provided as yet :confused:

@clinkadink @milkmanchris this display / formatting issue has now been resolved :blush: