Flying in Greece

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traveling to greece and going to the awesome Meteora. My FPVUK A cert only covers me for UK, Channel Isles. Does anybody know about or experienced drone license needs in Greece etc. I imagine I might have to apply to Greek Civil Aviation Authority etc. any info welcomed. Thanks. Jay

Anything useful in here?


Thanks…will take a look.

Does look like the same registry in Uk is needed in Greece.


Note for foreign operators

Operator Registration (Non-EU Residents)

  • If you are coming from a non-EU country and this is the first time you will fly your drone in an EU country, you MUST register as an Operator.
  • Upon registration, you will receive a unique Operator Registration number which you MUST attach to your drone. If you have several drones, the same number must be attached to all of them.

I flew in Greece in October, registered and took the EU required exam on the Cyprus drone website cost was ÂŁ30.00 and was not to hard to do ,flying in Greece was very good never had any issues and found people were very interested in seeing the images from the drone.Cyprus drone exam

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Hi, Thanks for info…I believe I have to register with HCAA, Hellenic Civil Av Authorities to fly in Mainland Greece and Islands. this will be my first point of entry. Politically and Authority wise there are differences between Mainland Greece and Cyprus. This is what the Greek Embassy, Holland Park London say anyway. cheers

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It’s all here:

Thanks for all the info. Emailed HCAA…and they have supplied all the links. :+1: :+1:

The Greek site was all in Greek and could not translate so did the Cypriot one nobody is interested where you did the test and registered as long as you have (if anyone was to ask I would say was going to Cyprus but it got cancelled after I had registered) see attached link to YouTube for flying in Greece How to get approval to fly a drone in Greece | Step by Step Guide - YouTube

Could you share the links here? I’m in Santorini in May and want to do the same.

Santorini is going to be difficult, it’s a narrow island and the airport is in the centre… so the flying zones are not good. Flying over Fira… A beautiful village town over the caldera volcano… will always put you over people and buildings… nevertheless you can do it. Do you need the EASA A1 A3 drones certificate via Cyprus aviation authority…
that link will also lead you to an available site for flying areas like dronescene. I found this test a lot harder than the UK one …:joy:

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Greece no fly zones link. Drone Aware - GR

Flew successfully in Greece; with the EASA license, Aviation site has the same thing as a dronescene.


Does anyone have any experience of taking the drone on a flight. Can it go in hand luggage or does it need to go into the hold?

Also, any experience of Rhodes itself and any known restrictions (I will look at local laws too).


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I’ve flown with Easyjet and British Airways with Mavic Air 2… drone with the rotors off went in my hand baggage… with batteries…batteries under 100 W hours can fly in hand baggage. Tape over contacts and wrap them up separately. Also the controller as it contains battery - handbag. I was taking my Nikon camera too… so it all just went in my camera backpack. I did pay extra for cabin bags. But even if you don’t and take one bag those procedures are the same. To fly in Greece or Cyprus…you need the EASA licence…A1/A3 . And fill-in flight plan and protocol of where you’re going to fly…via website and email. :+1:

Is an easa required if a c0 category sub 250g (a1 open category) drone is being flown? Its a mini 2.

I think you may have to have the license but I’m not definitely sure. This email and telephone number will be helpful to check. / [+49 221 8999 000](tel:+49 221 8999 000)

Thank you. I have emailed.