Flying in Malta

Hi, has anybody flown in Malta ?, staying in St Julians in Sept,

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Hi @Wrighty and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Alas, I can’t advise on Malta, it’s a bit hot here in the UK for me at the moment, never mind somewhere like Malta!

Although, perhaps it’s cooler there than it is here currently :rofl:

Attached is the Civil Aviation Directorate required to fly Drones in Malta

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Attached …… ? :wink:

Self Declaration for the safe operations of drones ver 1 April 2018.pdf (692.0 KB)

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Hmmm … whilst their sentiments aren’t at fault, their wording is interesting …

vi & vii - within? in excess off? or just specifically AT 120m?

viii - “shall not be flown within 120 meters of or above” but at xi - “shall not be flown at a height of more than 60 meters above ground or water” … so already difficult to get to 120m above.

v - “shall not be flown overwater unless ….” lots of conditions. Strange, one would think that’s the safest place for it to be flown, as far as public safety is concerned.

Good info, though!

Odd indeed, especially as Malta is surrounded by water,

Hi To all,

I am going to Malta next week for my Daughters wedding, just wondered if anyone has been there with their Drone, if so what if any are the restrictions. i am taking my new Mavic Pro?

Also i am flying with Thomas Cook does anyone know if they are ok about it?

Thanks in advance

Moved your post to a pre-exiting thread on Malta, that may have the information you need.

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I hope the following helps when taking a drone to Malta:
I purchased a Mavic Air in July this year, and thought I would take on my upcoming hols to Malta (2019), looking around for info on what I had to do, I found the following websites:
Malta Transport - Official website
Drone Traveller - Useful information

I provided the following information:

  • Filled in the self declaration form

  • Sent them a copy of my insurance from FPVUK

  • A google map with all the areas I wanted to fly

  • Dates I would in Malta

  • Sent a link to the DJI Mavic Air specs page

I submitted the form on Friday 12th July via email to: , I was flying out on Tuesday 16th, so thought I would take the MA with me just in case.
I got an automatic reply saying it would take 10 working days to look into my request.
Then about three hours later I got an email from The Inspecting Officer, Air Navigation Services & Aerodromes, to say I was “free to use my drone in Malta in accordance with the parameters that you have declared.”

I flew with TUI, looking on their website, they state, in item 35 of their permitted list, that drones “can be safely carried on TUI Airways flights..” Link to pdf file
I purchased a couple of CamKix Explosion Proof LiPo Battery Bags, I made sure the batteries were down to about 20%.
I had a copy of the email saying I could fly the drone, copy of the insurance and the technical manuals with me in the camera bag, just in case.
I had no problems going through security with them as carry on items, along with my other camera gear, same when I flew into and out off Malta.
My experience was a good one, with no problems whatsoever.

Hope this helps.


Great !, Thanks Richard, Glad you had a good experience in Malta.

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Brilliant information @Salisbury_Drone - thanks for taking the time to type it all up and share! :smiley:


Thanks for sharing, just looking at Malta.

I have posted some videos from my recent trip to Malta:



Thanks for all that useful info. Been to Malta many times without drone. Next time with.

@Manty my pleasure.
Great flying around Malta plenty of open spaces little or no people.

I need to go and visit my sister (a Maltese resident for the past 30+yrs) so will definitely feel comfortable taking my drone with me.

I’ve always found the Maltese to be pretty relaxed about most things since my family first moved there in 1975 / 6. Thanks for the info.

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Had this email from Malta Transport. Can’t get to see the new certificate EASE registration in Malta as the first EU country I flew. Any ideas?


My brain no understand… :man_shrugging:t2:


Sorry can’t upload the email. Legally flown in Malta/ Gozo many times. The email said my registration number has changed (EASA) . They gave me a new reg. number but can’t see it on MT, TM, EASA or UAS websites. Doesn’t expire until July, so wondering if it is a scam (EASA certificates show your passport number) . Any serious comments appreciated.