Flying in Scottish Forests

Before I came on holiday I printed off the page at:

Forestry and Land Scotland

Which states “Flying drones … … as an informal activity or hobby is allowed in our forests … …”.

However, upon arrival at the Dumfries and Galloway forest (which according to the signs is owned & controlled by Forestry & Land Scotland) I find signs from telling me that drone flying is strictly forbidden.

So who is correct - the UK Forestry Commission, or the Scottish Government?

The email address given on the sign forbidding flying is rejecting emails, so I can’t get an official answer. Any Scottish flyers on here who may be able to shed some light on the situation?

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They previously had a blanket ban but overturned it last year thanks to our very own @Davester70

Oh dear! Forestry Commission Scotland out of bounds?

I’m thinking it’s old signage and wouldn’t worry about it.

What part did you see the sign?


Thanks for the swift reply - good news for a pleasant change!!

The sign was at Kirroughtree Visitor Centre.

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Not been down that far with the drone, looking forward to see what you capture.

Very little is out of bounds in Scotland and I’ve yet to have any confrontation in all the years I’ve been flying.

Enjoy your holiday.

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Was at Clatteringshaw loch earlier, practising my 617 Squadron technique over the dam - hopefully got some decent footage!! :+1::+1: