Flying in the EU

Read on here that your EASA number to be affixed to your Drone, needs to be Fire Proof!

Got this of EBay, £1.85 engraved on to a metal “Trophy Plaque”

Should do?

I got one of these from Germany:

Is it fireproof?

It’s Metal

Is the requirement for a metal ID across the whole of the EU or just Germany? Have just registered and done the training/exam with Norway’s CAA and it wasn’t mentioned that they needed to be fireproof.

I am still struggling to get registered in a EU Country! Emailed IAA, quoted a 10 day respond time! No response!! Re-emailed, still no response.

Jut makes you think why people do not bother and just fly their drones!

Pop along to and click the little globe in the top right to switch languages. Quick and painless registration.

As in the Irish Aviation Authority?

If so my registration was painless. Granted though they didn’t seem to reply to anything until you had passed the online training and paid!

French one is straightforward and can be done in English.

Had no trouble with the Cyprus Aviation Authority, a leisurely half hour with a cuppa tea and did the training then got flyer and operator registrations. Additionally just needed a scan of a mug shot (not the cuppa)! and a utility bill.

I have already completed EASA in Luxembourg, and I gave them the number along with CAA Operators Number, so no need to for further on line training? Or am I missing something here?

Any way registered on the Norway CAA, they do direct you to “Their” training page, but I already have EASA!

Is this all in order?

EASA in one country covers you for all EU countries, you only register in one.

Luxembourg numbers are recognised in the EU and vice-versa.

Attach your number and fly…

Oh once you have complied with any country based requirements.