Flying near an airport

I am new to flying and have a dji mini 2.

I have a client who lives near an airport and they have asked if I can take an Ariel photo of thier house and garden…is that possible with sub 250g?

I was led to believe that because it is in a red zone, that I wouldn’t be allowed to fly and the drone would stop me…but…it’s popped up a warning and so do that mean I can, with caution?

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In relation to your question, you don’t mention which airport. Knowing that might enable better advice to be given.

There are two considerations - where the DJI GeoZones will allow your drone to take off or fly into, and where UK legislation dictates that you shouldn’t fly. These two areas are not necessarily (in fact that are rarely) the exact same.

In this respect, our Drone Scene helps.

When you zoom in to the location via this link will take you to it and show you the airport FRZs that will need the permission of the local ATC before you can legally fly in them.

From the layers icon, you can then select the DJI GeoZones, and that will show if you will be in an area that will need unlocking by DJI … via the Fly app.


This thread may also help : Getting FRZ Permission the right and best way?


DJI seem to geofence main airports but if it’s only a small local airfield they won’t. We live near a flying club based at a former RAF WW2 base and the drone’s controller simply presents a pop up asking you to verify that you take responsibility. I ring the flying club and they say yes, no or yes within certain limits. They’re quite helpful.