Getting FRZ Permission the right and best way?


I know I have been quiet of late. Been stupidly busy at work and not had much time for flying (at least for fun) and not much time to post after spending quality time with the family.

Anyway the question:

I know I did the whole topic around non commercial permission to fly in an frz and I contemplated posting in there but my question was specific so thought I would do a new topic.

I am looking to get permission to fly in 2 different FRZ’s the first is Gatwick and the second is Goodwood.

Obviously it will be for the mini 2 and it will technically be commercial as it will be for work (taking birds eye view photos to add in to plans) and will have the right insurance and permission from the land owner in place.

The question/s.

Do I need to get permission from the airport or just ATC? Is there a particular way in which to ask and what kind of questions am I to expect?

In addition are they likely to need an OA? Even though the rules on commercial flying don’t require one for flying in the a1 open class? Or does this not apply to FRZ?

Thanks in advance.


Goodwood by contact form on website. Helpful people (my local airfield)


Thanks for that. I have submitted it. Put the 3 locations in the comments hopefully they won’t make me fill out 3 forms haha.

For Gatwick, start by emailing

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Oooo thank you for this. So do I need their permission as well as ATC?

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AFAIK just permission from their ATC.

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Thank you.

Queries submitted so let’s see what comes back.


Did you ever hear back from either of these?

I live near both Gatwick and Goodwood so it could be handy to know in the future :slight_smile:

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I did. Goodwood is positive and really helpful one of the areas I need to fly is in the runway protection zone so will have to do that one one out of operating hours.

Gatwick have sent me a big form to fill in and not had time to complete yet.

Will keep this updated with the outcome.


Just had a response from Goodwood. Permission granted and managed to get me some extra height on the 3rd site which is in the runway protection zone.

Still not done the form for LGW yet.

Goodwood have always been great to deal with by email and by phone :slight_smile:

So despite not filling in the form yet I got a call from a very nice lady at LGW who had previously been on furlough.

Seemed very positive and said their only concerned with people flying UAV’s in a safe manner and with insurance.

Not as difficult as I first thought it would be.

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One I can show you from the Chichester flights. Goodwood in the distance.

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They’re a friendly bunch at Goodwood - or so I’ve found when dealing with them. I’m glad it all went OK for you :slight_smile:

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Yep awesome interaction from them.

Was limited to about 33 meters agl on one of my locations (very close to runway protection zone) and they have suggested before 0900 but have also said if it’s an issue to “push back” and they would look at other options.

Couldn’t ask for more to be fair.

Did you ever fly Gatwick in the end?

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I did, they are really happy to work with drone operators.

They like notice about 2 weeks but they are easy to work with.

They have a form you need to complete and the rest is easy as they say.

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