Flying right on the border of a FRZ which is RAF

I hope it’s ok for me to post this here, a location I’d like to fly which is almost touching a FRZ RAF BENSON, I’m not interested in the flying in the FRZ but as it’s so so close, should I be contacting them out of courtesy ? Or, although I’m very close as said but not in the FRZ, is it just ok to get on with my POI, any thoughts would be appreciated, I’d have thought legally I’m good too go, I’m asking as it’s very very close and I am trying to avoid any trouble, picture below from drone scene.
Many thanks in advance


I’d not contact them unless I wanted to fly in their airspace.

They’ve got enough on their plate :confused:

And there’s the whole, “do you phone the police when you reach 68mph?” or ring the coastguard when you’re on the beach and you get within three feet of the sea kinda thing too :slight_smile:


Only hands free

Thought I’d ask as said above, it being so close, I don’t know what that is in feet or metres and would not want to drift within there airspace, which then could cause or would cause a problem.

No :point_up_2:t2::smiley: but maybe I’d have more chance of getting just a telling off if I slightly drifted over the speed limit, maybe not so with the RAF hence why I asked.

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Use the measuring tool in Dronescene :wink:

Thanks, I didn’t know there was one, bit rusty on this as I usually steer we’ll clear of these areas, so it’s new too me.

As it’s Joint Helicopter Command I’d ping them a message just out of courtesy. Helicopters can be at low level around the NFZ. This way at least when you get spotted and it gets called in they are aware and that it’s nothing to worry about.

In addition Air Ambulance and NPAS operate from there so technically speaking 24hr operation




That’s why I thought I’d ask, I know this place well and is busy as hell, thanks for the advice.

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Thanks Wayne …… :+1:t2:

No problem, technically speaking you are legal to fly where you are planning it but it’s best to keep them on our side, show them you are a enthusiast and above board plus aware of risks etc etc. RAF website grab below for you:


Again thanks for the advice, which advice was all I needed, I can take the sarcastic banter that comes with it, I was told there’s no such thing as a stupid question, one may beg too differ ….


True never a stupid question. And better safe then sorry


That’s what I’ve been told on here many times.

I’ve flown close to coventry airport FRZ and personally I just created a flight report using drone scene an hour or so before take off. I had no plans to enter the FRZ so I had no legal obligation to contact ATC so a simple flight report was sufficient :+1:t2:

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Many thanks @DeanoG60

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I’ve contacted quiet a few RAF ATCs to fly within or close to their FRZs. Always had a positive response and its good practise in my opinion. Have been given good advise when to fly (like weekends or after 1800hrs kind of thing) and gives me added confidence to deal with potential Karens. I’d do it 100% Richard.


Cheers Colin
One of the other reasons I highlighted this was to maybe help others who are not sure ( like myself ) sorry I’m not as intelligent as others with the whole drone and flying UAV, I’m still learning and I might not pick it up as quick as others hey ho,
For instance the other week I was going too fly a forest in Bracknell / crowthorne Berkshire, the broadmoor hospital for the mentally ill was no where near as close as the above but, on drone scene it told me to let them no I’m doing a flight nearby, I called them up and spoke to a guy, who was good as gold, he said do what ever you like to do, Ariel photos etc, just please don’t fly directly over, I’ve not been there yet and I will respect there privacy and laws if and when I do.
It’s not wrong to ask if your not sure, I’d rather do that than land up in crap and with a summons and a load of grief I really don’t need right about now or in the future if I can help it.


Couldn’t agree more, but unfortunately you can’t guarantee that you won’t get some stupid answers in return. . . :smiley:

I’m with Kirky on this one, I’d rather get the ok if soooo close to such establishment, but don’t think he had any stupid responses, just gentle reminders of perhaps the more confident approach by others, but can’t go wrong by making sure. Happy New Year all.