FPV Bodge for practically any drone

So if you have a cheap (or expensive lol) drone that you want to try fpv on, here is a way of doing it.

I have done this on an MJX600 that was £40 (which was sold as a wifi fpv drone which means bollocks as wifi fpv is unflyable) and it worked ok.

It was good fun until I built a proper quad. There are better ways of fpv’ing a drone, depending on your budget of course…

All you do is buy an AIO (all in one) fpv camera and video transmitter for around £10, strap it to your drone and wire it to 5v in your drone (this may be the difficult bit for most people), and then buy cheap goggles. The cheapest I recommend are the ev800. £45.
Here is a video of my mjx600 with fpv. Done a while ago! The dvr was rubbish. The fpv was clearer.

At the very least, you can strap the fpv cam to your dogs head and watch it in the garden from your sofa!


Good post dude:)


What’s the range like?

Could make a good FPV mod for the Inspire 1 when in two-operator mode :thinking:

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The AIO I mentioned is only 25mW (which is the legal limit :rofl:). There will be more powerful ones. As long as you keep good airflow over these higher power ones as they get hot quick.
It will go say 200 - 500m max I reckon without obstructions, but trees, especially damp ones will knock out the signal.
For an inspire, I’d opt for a more powerful vtx and camera. It will handle the few extra 10’s of grams.
This vtx is more powerful at 200mw. But £6 more expensive :cry: lol

I like the little AIO cameras, they can be used for all kinds sneaky beaky applications.

I mounted one to the nose of my Micro-Skyhunter, powered by a Tiny Whoop 1S battery, and had no issues with picture break-up even when throwing it around like an idiot.

Video is from a Foxeer Legend 1 camera.



Nice flight! Yeah I should have mentioned that… It your drone can take the extra few grams, use a small 250mah 1s lipo to power the AIO. So it really is AIO lol. I did design this a little while back that may help someone.

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Time for me to warm up my printer.
Thank you for your link, @notveryprettyboy Karl.


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One thing I missed in my description on thingiverse is to stick a small strip of velcro or something on the lipo to stop it slipping out! :upside_down_face:



I guess you are talking about a battery something like this for the AIO

You mentioned that the dvr was rubbish, I assume that is the video you have put up on here, how do you capture this video? Do any of these AIOs have the ability to record to an onboard micro SD card


Any recomendations for a budget fpv aircraft and rc.

What does anyone think of one of these

My main goggles dvr is real bad. But the EV800d (about £80) has a good dvr. I have one.

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Yeah any 1s battery like that is good.

Maybe this one. But I have never tried it. Maybe James knows @Wyntrblue. Or Andy @AndyCortez. I think he got a budget fpv set recently.

That one should be ok.

There are a number of cheeper setups on the market. The eMax tinyhawk rtf is well regarded and they do an rtf bundle. The small quads are only really any good indoors or on very very calm days.

There are a few questions it’s worth asking yourself really…

Do you want to fly outside?
What is your budget?
Are there any local people who can assist?

So let us know what your answers are and we can try and push you in the right direction :slight_smile:

The eachine novice is an ok quad. Let down by a totally terrible controller. Even seasoned veterans struggle to get that to fly with the included controller… steer well clear!

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I’d just add that you need to make sure the battery connector matches that of the AIO camera. I can only speak of my experience but the AIO cameras I have use a PH1 25 connector, the same as those found on the basic Tiny Whoop and small Eflite models.

If you mean multirotor aircraft I have installed an AIO on an EACHINE010, less than £10 from Banggood.

If you mean fixed wing I do have some recommendations but this will require an initially largish financial outlay if you intend to progress on this route.



Thanks for your reply, to answer your questions

I would like to fly outside and inside, so is there something suitable for both, I would only want one though as I have an M2P, obviously not fpv though. I would even be happy to build something if it comes with all the parts bundled together.

Budget up to an absolute max of £200 all in.

No local people that I know of, YouTube may be of help perhaps.

I watched a video for the Eachine Novice lll which comes with a better controller and goggles than the l and ll, as below

This is really at the top end of my budget, I didn’t really have a budget till I started looking after seeing this thread yesterday.

Karl suggested the Emax Tinyhawk above, which is for indoors I guess, not sure if it would be ok outdoors. If I’m going to fly indoors the prop guards would be a good idea as I’m sure I would be hitting a few walls. The controller looks similar to the ones for the Eachine novice l and ll, so not sure how good it would be.

So if you have any other recommendations let me know.

Thanks again.

I think you can see how budgets quite quickly blow out! The brushless Tinyhawk will be ok outside in light wind. My brushed qx65 really struggles in a little wind. For a stronger breeze, the 3" will be better, and a 5" even better. This is a video of a 65mm brushless outdoors…