Golden hour Panorama


This 360 is the first that I have taken at night is is of my local village -I shot out to capture a sunset and then realised how interesting the village looked at night from above. There is also a very bright moon coming up at the opposite side.

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Wow… :heart_eyes:

One of the best 360s I’ve ever seen I think :clap:t2:

It’s got everything! Even the moon!

Fantastic job @BrianB, I even love the street lighting on the main road below :+1:t2:


Ah - yes - saw this in the wee hours through sleepy eyes on my phone and meant to look again.

Just Chromecast it to the big screen … and it’s rather brilliant!


Very nice @BrianB



How do you even do that?! #Blackmagic

Thats an epic 360. The quality and detail are something else :+1:


There’s a 360 Panorama function on most of the DJI drones with firmware less than about 1 year old.


that picture is superb !, the details is sublime !


Wow, indeed!


You’re talking about me, right? :rofl:

@BrianB Having looked at this several more times today, I’d like to correct my earlier statement mate.


That’s the best 360 I’ve ever seen :clap:t2:


@PingSpike @OzoneVibe @MementoMori @sunstone @Ed-209 @chrisjohnbaker. Thanks all guys, really appreciate the comments - thank you :blush:


Love love love, that’s an amazing panoramic.


I agree with Rich, it has to be the Best I have ever seen !.


Truly first class work, one of the very best I’ve seen to date, you should be very pleased with yourself!


Truly remarkable and a great picture. Well done, one of the best.


@Turbys9 @chrisjohnbaker @simell @SteveBell

Thanks all guys , really appreciate all the great comments - :hugs:


Yes @BrianB you may now blush :wink::wink::wink::wink:
It is good you know


Awesome 360 man, just great work!