Greetings all!

Well I am new to the Mavic and after a kind invite I am now here, hoping to fly and learn about my new favourite toy.

I mainly scuba dive and make movies about that which can be found here:

So feel free and click there and share in my main obsession…but I have been after a good drone for many years so I can do some amazing above water stuff as well as do something hobby wise when I am nit underwater…so feel free to bookmark my little page as I will be adding drone movies when I make them :smile:

I am based in Essex near Chelmsford and will be hoping to meet up and fly when time and shifts permit to get some sweet shots…Jodrell Bank anyone?? :slight_smile:

Safe flying and friendly skies to all!!


Hi @JayForceOne, welcome to GAPD. Good to have you with us.

I’m out to the west of London, in Surrey. Not a lot of flying space round here. Hope you get some great shots at Jodrell Bank.

Hi :relaxed:

Welcome @JayForceOne :smiley:

Scubadiving eh? Impressive hobby!

I’ve been to Blue Planet in Cheshire a few times, amazing to walk under the water and see everything close up. Not sure I’d want to actually go swimming with the sharks though :open_mouth:

Good call on Jodrell Bank, we were only talking about that here yesterday! (Re NFZs etc).

And another Vimeo user here too :+1:

Hello from Salford :slight_smile:

Yeah that Jodrell Bank thread is what jogged my memory that it existed. :slight_smile: