Grey Arrows Drone Club to help CAA test new Drone Registration Service


I will add something on my channel and social media


Thanks Steve. :+1:


Well done keep up the good work.

Looking forward to helping too :slight_smile:


Done on ‘drones building drones’ on FB. Would of done UK drone flyers, but left the group. It’s full of pfco’s who were a bit snobbish. Man, that group didn’t want you to fly anywhere. Sorry I’ll stop or I’ll rant all night.


Thanks Karl


Wow, that’s fantastic.

What a great result, and I’m sure it took a lot of effort, on top of everybody’s day jobs etc



Totally agree here ! :clap:


As an absolute beginner I feel more positive regards being able to produce a certificate of registration to any & all should the occasion present itself!


Thats really good news. Thanks for your hard work.

Please make sure you use us members as we can share the workload.


Thanks to all for the hard work and effort put into making greyarrows the forum to be part of.:grin:


Excellent news - well done to all involved in getting this organised.

I’ve just shared to the FB groups that I look at.


Well done to all the admins here for organising this, I think it’s a great thing :+1:


Attended the user test on the regulation system at CAA Gatwick today.

Met with Max and a few from the development team, who were all extremely friendly and really valued input on the online system and some general views. They would really like more people who are new to drones to test the system.

They explained that the software is in early iteration so not the final product, and valued comments on the system.

It seems more consultation coming very soon which will include costs for registration. To confirm that every drone operator (owner) will need to be registered ( for drones above 250g ) but ‘anyone’ who pilots a drone needs to pass the online assessment, so they are different requirements. Piloting a drone requirement will included flying private land.

Some discussion on labelling of drones. Drone Operator number will need to be labelled on drone. Nothing appears finally decided exactly on how drones to be labelled, but aware of US requirement now on outside, and could be the same. Not confirmed, but looks unlikely that these labels will be provided.

Timeframe for implementation is still expected to be in the Autumn, this year.

Once again, if you can help these assessments it can only help us all in the end. I got the impression that they really valued the positive response from the GADC members in taking part and the GADC committee for promoting. Well done guys


I did email them a week ago, have heard nothing.


@BrianB, on behalf of the GADC, we’d like to sincerely say “Thank you”.

Your attendance at this event, the update you’ve provided here, and the representation you’ve given your club has rightly earned you the Over and Above badge.

Great guy, eh? :slight_smile:

Yup, that’s the whole purpose of this arrangement, to get real-world drone flyers feedback.

I work in DevOps so I’m all too familiar with software engineers building applications that make sense in their head but are next to useless in the real world :roll_eyes:

I’ve made a career out of putting that right.

This is an opportunity for us, as hobbyists, to provide invaluable insight into something that WILL shape the very foundations of our hobby in the future.

Rightly so in my opinion.

Again, this works both ways.

We as drone operators are always claiming that land owners don’t own the airspace above their property. Which in turn means we don’t own the airspace above own own properties and land either :blush:

Yup, I think we all saw that one coming. Even if in the form of a DYMO label for now :smiley:

Brian, thank you once again for attending, for representing your club, and for providing the detailed feedback that you have here :bowing_man:


I’ll second that Rich !!
Well done @BrianB !, many thanks from “all the Members of GADC” in representing us (together with any other members who have been involved, (or are soon to be involved) in helping the CAA with this Registration Service!)


it will be interesting to see what they have in mind.


Thanks for the update @BrianB
The fitting of a registration number on the side of a drone would be useful if they where ten times bigger as no one will see them at 100 ft
Let alone being able to see the drone (see a previous thread from @PingSpike)
What do you call that time when...?


Thanks for the feedback, @BrianB

Probably a rare occurrence in the hobbyist world … but I wonder how they’ll arrange this in the professional arena where there may be several pilots and several drones - flying ones that are not actually there’s.

This can happen in the hobbyist world too … but far less frequently.

I’ve allowed my friend’s son to fly mine. I wonder if this will become “illegal” … or how it will be permitted within the eventual legislation.

Hopefully, soon, I can get myself on one of these sessions and ask some more questions in the hopes that these issues are specifically addressed.


Sorry for the dumb question,but what do you mean,"Piloting a drone requirement will included flying private land"Does this mean a physical flying test?.cheers.:thinking::thinking: