Grey Arrows Drone Club to help CAA test new Drone Registration Service


I would think it means to “ask the Landowner permission” ,prior to a flight,
That’s how I perceive it.
If that’s the case .it’s going to be a right pain in the arse !!


No - I think it means that even if you are flying from private land you are not absolved from adhering to the incoming regulations.


That makes sense Dave


Drone newbie here, happy to help.


Details of email address to apply, and more info, can be found :

Volunteers requested for testing CAA prototype: email DroneRegistration


Get the impression that they want them on the outside so can be easily checked by police without requiring battery to be removed, but that is my assumption.

My main issue was that needs to be safely attached. There was a proposal to have as one of the suggestions that the label could be attached with sellotape! I pointed out if that peeled offmand got caught in a motor it could be dangerous.


It will be the drone operator/owners registration number on the drone. Nothing to stop me flying your drone as long as I have passed the theory test. The number identifies the owner who then be contacted to find out who was flying, if not them. Same principle as car owner but anyone with a licence (and insurance) can drive it.


It will be illegal if he hasn’t passed the theory - and of course age. Don’t think minimum age has been finalised yet.


Judging by what I’ve seen on many drone forums in the last 6 years … a maximum age might be more appropriate? :rofl:


As the others suggest this will be different say from driving a vehicle on private land where the road traffic act doesn’t apply, so don’t need licence etc. This is different for a drone as you don’t own the airspace and so the new drone laws will apply, basically even in your back garden!


They were very friendly and helpful but they couldn’t ask a couple of my questions as they emphasised that they are the software designers, not the policy team. Of the six in the room only one was from CAA and he was from their PR communications.


Hi @Chann. Contact them on the email address as the start of this thread and they should get back to you to nearest assessment location


so my drone needs a tattoo …

could be done by engraving it at say timpsons

other tattooist’s are available …


@PingSpike @chrisjohnbaker @OzoneVibe @firefox8 @sparkman999

Thanks all from the kind words, just a case that I think I was one of the first to attend.

The software is being updated daily with new information and design so other may get different feedback / clarification. I have offered to do some more testing when they have a beta version available

I have tried to go through the questions raised but If there is anything you think may have missed let me know.


Maybe they want a reg no, so if its knocked down by a gps jammer, it may be traced. It would be difficult for an electronic one as this would require dji etc to agree. Also there are home built ones too. It could be enforceable though by on the spot checkers. Sorry going off on one. Friday night is whiskey night…


No worries Jeff, got a really good Labelling Machine here at the ready !!


Could be a nice little earner that Chris ;o)


I am offering my services to the GADC, If anyone requires Registration labels made.
Just as long as I cover postage and cost of labelling tape, I am quiet happy to put whatever details people want on the labels.
(Black Lettering on White Tape, or Black Lettering on Yellow Tape)
Sizes (width) of Tapes 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm.

This can only be applied, once we know what the hell is going to happen !!


Just watched this so it might be a similar idea. This concerns the Americas… maybe so they know who’s flying over the wall!!!


So ours will be in proper English! :+1: :wink: