Grey Arrows Drone Club to help CAA test new Drone Registration Service


But that STILL won’t stop someone who intends to screw with Gatwick or the like. They’re hardly going to put their contact details on the drone.

Gatwick is what has triggered all this - and Gatwick can happen again with all the legislation and labelled drones and test taking.


Your only saying what many of us are thinking! Trust me, my wife tells me I rant to much about this…

I agree with the others when they say absolutely not - and hope you both stay and carry on giving your views, it’s what makes the such a great forum for uk flyers


Dont be daft mate.

Theres no mark to overstep here :wink:

We value everyones opinion on things like this and its understandable people are a little anxious about their hobby.


i respect your views, and so do others, besides everyone is entitle to their own opinion.
And as the Guys above said, it makes the Forum what it is.


i second that !!.
I too have worries about what is going to happen to our Hobby.
But, it has been taken out of our hands, and stupid rules and regulations prevent me, and others from doing what we want, when we want.
We have to live with that, but, i am even more on the defensive when people approach me when i am flying. to the point where i will walk off now and leave the drone flying where it is, simply not to have confrontations.
I am going to join the “Fuck Off and leave me alone” flyers !


I do think the way round the above not happening is to set up a Litchi mission taking off from one place, then bloody move to a pre-determined landing area, where the drone will be, hopefully away from any basted !.
Then try and catch me !


We all make mistakes and show poor judgment, here is an example of someone who has taken his PFCO but claims to be CAA licensed.
Drones are so easy to operate which in turn reinforces a mental assumptions that they are toys to some,and in my above example the individual has in their mind changed “permission to license” which could land him or her with legal action from a client who had work carried out apparently under a license.
I think what I’m trying to say is that the CAA is not out to get us but rather to educate us all in order to have some sort of joined-up thinking before we operate our UAV’s
I’m I making sense or am I just chewing the curd here…:man_shrugging:

Here is the example.


A physical reg plate can be removed / changed. An electronic one is more difficult to do so. Just a thought.


i would love to see how they are going to read the registration label on a drone 100 feet up and moving at speed! telescope? lol


I have no issues with reg marks on my quads. The idea of having it stored on an sd card is a nonstarter for me. Only 2 of my quads have an sd card slot.
I hear a lot about the dji questions but not owning anything dji I don’t know anything about them.

Making quads electronically conspicuous to other aircraft is already possible in the fpv world thanks to the team black sheep. But you need to have a tbs gps and a crossfire diversity receiver on your quad.

The tbs gps (if anyone actually had stock) retails at around £50-75 which is nearly 1/3rd the cost of my craft in most cases.

What really bothers me about the whole thing is the exemptions for anything that’s not a multi rotor.

Under the current and proposed laws there is an exemption for altitude for anything that’s not a multi rotor for up to 1000ft

why are multi rotors so different?


Its because they drop out the sky if there is a problem. A plane can glide.


A hex or octo may be able to land safely. This could be something they are looking into as legislation…


Section 4e says must not have more than 1 lift generating rotor. So you can take an event helicopter to 1000ft


Its just BMFA keeping the large model fliers happy. The exemption previously existed for quads as well.

Even though you can take it up to 1000ft, it has to remain visible to a spotter. Not many <3.5kg quads large enough to be seen reliably at altitudes over 400ft.


That where’s it gone moment or it was there a second ago


If like a real helicopter, it will have a clutch that enables it to be landed safely using autorotation should the engine stop.

I am not sure how RC helicopters are built.

Many RC helicopters have a tail rotor in the horizontal plane that will also be providing a little lift. Those with a conventioal vertical tail rotor are much more difficult to fly I understand.