Grey Arrows Drone Club to help CAA test new Drone Registration Service


Naturally old boy :slight_smile:


Good show! Carry on! :+1:


So ,offering to help people is shit, eh!


@sparkman999 - That is one of the possible suggestions, but a problem if you sell the drone!

Looking at the suggestions get a good supply of white tape with black lettering :wink:


Seriously though, the type of labelling is something that could change yet


Barcode? Just a thought. Or… an RFID tag.


Taking our drones to the vet to be chipped! pmsl!


Like a pet? So i’ll need to get it vaccinated. No, please not… Drone viruses. It went from computers to phones, why not drones.


Couple of thoughts.

Physically marking a drone is great until someone wishes to sell it, therefor the solution needs to be semi permanant I guess.

The drone can perhaps be given a unique registration and marked accordingly, with the owners details held by the CAA.

Perhaps a simple text file on the Micro SD card could hold more detailed info about the owner? I assume they all have cards.



Mine has in built flash. Which can be erased at will. It would have to be security enabled or something?


Current plan is that the drone operator (owner) that will be registered, not the drone. You will get your own registration number that is to be labelled on any drone you own (above 250g). No registration of the actual drone.


No,that is NOT what i meant,the fact that what was once a nice relaxing and rewarding hobby,seems to be going to the dogs! and will be regulated to hell! What ever happened to common sense flying??.Yes its good that people are trying to help but i think it could well be a case of Too little to late?


I’m afraid that is something we are going to have to live with as a result of the massive increase in drone use. If you imagine me how far drone capabilities have increased over the last couple of years, including ease of flying and battery life, I can only see usage grow even further.

The test registration I did was no more than signing up for buying something online very quick and painless. The theory test assessment that I did (it could obviously be more questions, there were only 8) seemed no different or harder than the DJI one I had to do on the GO4 app when I bought and register my Mavic Air.

In short, it’s frustration for us, but in a years time it will probably just be the norm.


Having just had a chance to watch, I think you are bang on especially as the team were very aware of what’s happening in other countries, and in particular the US.


@BrianB Hi Brian thanks for the response,i know everyone is trying to help,and i just feel frustrated,and upset that I may no longer be able to fly,and that really upsets me,as flying my drone is not only a passion,but one I love very much.Yes,I too have done the DJI one,which to be honest was no hardship,and was pretty much common sense questions.Thanks,and really sorry to have ranted on a very serious thread,but to be honest I am very worried about my /our hobby.Think i may have overstepped my mark here,so think i will have to reconsider my membership here.This is a great club,but i am probably NOT the sort of member the club needs right now.peace and respect to all…


@firefox8 there’s absolutely no need for you to leave and I hope you’ll reconsider…:vulcan_salute:


Nope - not at all.

As @Njoro has just said. I/We hope you won’t leave.

I’d be interested why you think that you won’t be able to fly?


i could not agree more with you!. 3 years ago i could more or less fly where i like, at what height i wanted.
We have seen the last of those type of flights, I still think that there is room for improvement in many ways, but, i doubt that will happen anytime soon !.
You are always going to get “The Prat” element.


And NOTHING in the legislation will stop people that want to fly around active airports from doing so.


A few hefty fines may put a few of the “knob Heads” in place (we hope)
I believe that is the only way it is going to press the registration system home.