Hello from Doncaster

Hello from Doncaster.
Im totally hew to Drone flying and had never flown one until last weekend when I finally got to fly the dji mini 2 I bought a fortnight ago.
Not done much video or pics yet, I just spent time getting used to how it handles and the controls.


Best way to do it!

There’s a lot to learn if you get serious about flying, if you get confident in controlling the aircraft to the point it becomes as normal as driving a car then you can concentrate on nailing the photo / video side of things.

But do set the video running on take off, even if you are devoting all your attention on flying, it’s good to have a record of your triumphs and mistakes.

There are plenty of GADC members around the Doncaster area, they’ll probably reply soon as they’ve finished walking t’whippet on’t colliery tip. Check the members map and take a look at Dronescene - shows you where flying is not allowed or proceed with caution but also has plenty of proven recommendations for good places to go,

Welcome to GADC :slight_smile:


Hi there from fellow newbie.

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Hi @Urbansnooper and welcome to GADC.

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Hello and Welcome @Urbansnooper.

I’m also in Doncaster and also have recently bought a Mini 2.
I’ve been flying for years but have recently started to develop more of the photography side of my skill set.

Just had a look at your website and see plenty of pictures of XH558.
I’m very local to the airport so have seen her take off many times over the years.

I’m pretty sure when we can we will be getting a meet sorted for local folk.

Give me a shout if you have any questions on the mini 2

@Urbansnooper and @Howard78
I’m from Doncaster also.

Yeah when the lockdown is over sure we can all arrange a meet somewhere.

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Great stuff.
It looks like you have a vast amount of experience there Steve - thats quite a few drones you own!

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Hey up my South Yorkshire brothers, not a million miles away from you in the shadow of Drax Power Station.

Lots of us from these parts and up to a year ago we had regular meets, local and as far as the east coast and some good times they were.

Hopefully by the summer these will resume, I look forward to meeting you all and welcoming you properly to GADC


Cheers, im also local to the airport and get down there whenever i can ( not with current restrictions )
I have been having to resort to taking pictures of the planes as they come in over work or over our village

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Great to know. I’m on the old RAF camp so literally next to the airport.
It’s great for taking pictures of planes but not so great when trying to find a suitable local spot to fly your drone as I’m sure you’ll already know.

I’m from the other side of Doncaster to you both. Just off J4 M18. It takes me longer to get my stuff in the car than it does to be in open space where I can fly.
Sure we’ll all meet up very soon.

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Im in Harworth, so just out of the airport restriction zone :smile:

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Have a look at Kirk Bramwith (and the area all along the canal) some great spots, I’m often down there.


Lol that’s 30 seconds from where my friends farm is.
I’m down there a lot.
He lives in the lock house


I used to live that way on over in Kirk Sandall many years ago so know the area well.

Lots of great places to fly on my list over that way.

Such a shame we have lost places like Pilkingtons, Case & Thorpe Marsh Power station.

All would have been great locations to fly locally

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Very lucky - I have to be very selective where I fly.

There’s a few decent spots over that way I’d bet!

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Yeah I’ll have to show you around.


Also check out the old pit site at Hatfield

And Connisborugh is mostly quiet too


We used to jump off that Aquaduct in to the river as kids - well until someone landed in a submerged dead sheep - :nauseated_face:

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