Hello From East London

Hello all. Nice to be amongst knowledable droniers, hopefully I will learn alot from all you guys. Thanks for the invite MertOzkan.


Hi Anthony, and welcome to GADC.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members. This is a relatively new feature so not everyone is on there, and I’m sure there are far more members in your neck of the woods that will come and say Hi.

(Don’t forget to add yourself to that map : Members’ Location Map - A Guide)

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown:

Nice of you to join us here mate :grin:1

Welcome both to the madhouse

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Looks like you guys are close to me. Where have you been flying?

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Anthony’s in Stratford, I’m in Hackney


I am very new to this in fact have only had 2 proper flights so far and have been doing so in the Wanstead Flats where the fire took place.


Welcome Anthony and Mert, @amtumem and @MertOzkan
Hope you find some great topics here to learn from.
We are a friendly bunch, and you will pick up a lot of useful tips and tricks.
Just to make your flying experience a little bit easier, we hope!.
You will find some very useful documents in the Members Only section “GADC Drone Information Pack”
Feel free to print out whatever you like.
It is always handy to have a few of them tucked in you Drone Gear, just in case you need them!.
Once again welcome to GADC.

Welcome to the site.

Hi @amtumem and welcome to Grey Arrows!

I’m wondering if this is a genuinely small world…

Did you by any chance buy a Mavic from @MertOzkan? :thinking:

Welcome once again mate!

He did indeed :joy:

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Hi guys thanks for the warm welcome. Yes I am the victim of Mert’s ex-drone :joy::joy: nice to meet you all.


I’ve flown there a couple of times. Haven’t been there since the fire but remember wanting to go there and fly over the fire that day.

I’ve heard of park rangers pulling up and advising people that they’re not allowed to fly there any more :confused:
Don’t really see what the problem is, it’s the perfect place for flying drones!

Wanstead Flats are actually under LCY flight path and you can see the aircraft fly quite low over the area, but haven’t seen any rangers nevermind being warned, we are heading that way now with Mert you are welcome to join us if you have time.

Would’ve loved to get some flight time in but busy today. Next time…

Wansted Flats has an area for flying model aircraft.

Hello from sunny South Wales.

Hi All,

I am a MA Film student at University Of East London Stratford we are looking for someone to fly there drone to capture some footage. For a 50seconds scene of our film would you be interested.

Hi All,

I am a MA Film student at University Of East London Stratford we are looking for someone to fly there drone to capture some footage. For a 50 seconds scene of our film would you be interested.

Unfortunately there is no budget, however we could pay your travel expenses and you would get credited in the film. It’s an University of East London Production.

We film the scene ‪this Monday (3rd Dec) at 5pm‬ and would like you to be a part of a choreographed bike scene.

Location :
University Square Stratford

  •   ‪1 Salway Road‬
  •   ‪Stratford‬
  •   ‪E15 1NF‬

Call me on ‭‭07958 155226‬
for more info


Would be interesting to be involved however 3rd Dec unfortunately I am working until 7pm. I wouldn’t be able to get there for 5pm.

thanks for your response. You’re welcome to come along as soon as you can as I’m sure we will still be filming at 7.00.
Give me a call on 07958155226 to confirm.

Welcome to the team!