Hello from Nottingham /Derby border

Hello all thanks for letting me join you.
I’m Marc from Stapleford. I’ve recently purchased a phantom 3 standard been wanting to try drone flying for an age.
Is there anyone near me that can give me a few pointers? I’ve just been playing with phantom in front room and nearly wrote my TV off :joy::joy::joy: I’m afraid I’m 57 not daft but all seems a bit strange to me, so any help gratefully received or anyone can give me a lesson I’d pay for the lesson if needed obviously.
Many thanks Marc.


Hi @Ukmarc and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

Hi Marc,
I would practice outdoors where you can dodge the food blender blades of the Phantom.
It may be wise to check out the rules and regs of flying drones, plenty of info on here and elsewhere on the internet, before venturing forth
I would pick a wide open space with no one around.
A Phantom 3 was my first drone and I loved flying it.
Good Luck.

try on bramcote park or near fairfeild then fly around to get used to the conttrols :slight_smile: i live near fairfield so if you ever want aa hand message me and when im free i can come help give some pointers :slight_smile:

Hi Marc,

I’m over near Derby, happy to meet up for a fly sometime!


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yea im same location as marc :slight_smile: but i have a mini 2 & 3 :slight_smile:

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Hi Marc - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks for your replies and yes I think I would certainly like a little hands on advise. Got to say it was quite scary as it took TV out and I’ve never seen my dog run so fast :joy::joy::joy::joy:

also check out stapleford drone club on facebook its for the locals :slight_smile:

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I’m flying a Mini 2 at the moment but considering getting a 3 as well! Where do you fly?

i kinda fly round the local area, bennerly viaduct bramcote park, if i ever go peak district etc try get scenic views etc :slight_smile:

My front room at the moment :joy::joy::joy::joy:only just got it haven’t a clue what I’m doing with it going to sort out legalities tomorrow then dig my full face helmet out and give it a bash if wind calms over weekend

Wouldn’t mind checking out Bennerly Viaduct at some point, hear about it a lot but never had chance to get over there!

Let me know when and where you plan on going, would be happy to help you get into it!

have you got your Operator ID /flyer ID as you need to stick your OP id on the drone:) download UAV forecast too :slight_smile:

Thank you I will thank you

That is all tomorrows job all the legal bits

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if your come Mansfield way i am more than happy helping you learn the sticks and getting you use to understanding of the drones orientation to your position.
but, i have never had a phantom.
i started out with the mini 2 and now im on a mavic 3. will be getting the mini 3 at some point also as i have not got the mini 2 any more and i want my freedom back.
i dont know what weight your drone is, but. if it is above 250g just be careful where and how close you fly too people.

best regard

Flying Lowe

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Hi Marc, welcome to the fascinating world of drones.
It’s probably a good idea to take up an offer of an experienced flier to have a look over your drone and give you some guidance before flying. The P3 is getting on a bit now and it’s wise to check the batteries for any signs of swelling etc before taking off.

Hi Marc take your drone into a nice open space like a football feild make sure you have done the calibratetions then when you take off go higher than any trees or any other obstacles then just hover and try the sticks in every direction untill your happy what they both doing will find unless you move the stick the drone will just hover where it is then just get use to the feel of the controller and move the drone which ever way you want to go if you get scared just press and hold the rth button or switch make sure you read the manual a few times. You will soon get the hang of it oh yea do the above if its not to windy