Hello from Portsmouth, Dec 2021 - Help needed to locate lost drone

Hi all!

I’ve had 12 hours flying my DJI Mini 2 then disaster struck… bird strike! I think it’s stuck on the side of a building and the building owners can’t see it from their windows. I could do with anyone in Portsmouth with a drone getting in touch…

Many thanks,



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Welcome once again!

I’m not so far away … but, with current legislation, is sounds like it’s not somewhere I can legally fly my MP1.

Amended topic title - possibly someone that can fly in the location will assist.

Good luck!

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Welcome and sorry to hear the sad news about the Mini 2.

I think @Bootsy is near you? Best thing is to check the Members Map as @OzoneVibe has recommended above.

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Thanks for the tip. I don’t think I’m a full member yet so I can’t directly message them. Looks like I won’t be able to get that for at least a week?

You don’t have to message them directly, you just mention users prefixed with an ‘@’ sign. They are then notified someone has mentioned them in a thread.

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I would help, but I am from Swindon, which is a couple of hours from you. I think @macspite and @FIREFOX are from down that way. Good luck :+1:

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Chris (@clinkadink ) has kindly stirred me into action.

I was over Fort Cumberland earlier today but launched from Hayling, which is where I live. I have an ?Air 2 which is a bit more restricted as to where I can fly - unless we can get permission from the building owners.

Which building do you think it is?


It collided with King’s Theatre on Albert Road. I did talk to the staff but they could not see it out of any windows. I do have a contact number though to ask for permission.

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Sorry to hear that. And I’m sorry that there is no legal way for me to fly an Air 2 close to the King’s. We need someone else with a Mini or Mini 2


The location of some of my favourite watering holes … almost(!) tempted to come and fly illegally. Almost.

#BloomingChangesInLegislation :rage:

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is this a car park ?
who owns it ?

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Thanks for taking an interest in my little lost drone problem. :slight_smile: I have the last image on screen before collision, then the battery popped out. The altitude seems to indicate 14 metres.

The window in the crash image can clearly be seen with a balcony below the window…

Apparently that window over the balcony only opens to a limited extent. Perhaps if I create a “mirror on a stick” contraption, I might have more luck.

That area you highlighted @Steviegeek is an architectual quirk since those three shops predate the theatre, the shops were eventually acquired by the theatre and converted to office space (I believe). So there is a huge gap to fall into. I did see the drone hit the side of the build so I don’t think it’s in there.

Have you checked the Airdata


A good, long, set of ladders and the bravado to just put them up against the building seems like the best option.

A hi-viz jacket, and the world’s your playground! :+1:


Ah I had not used Airdata before - pretty cool. @Sparkyws On the large map, you can see a bunch of errors before the crash, and the angle of impact.


agree, was thinking of inconspicous take-off point :slightly_smiling_face:

Plus a clipboard and a lanyard with a big badge :slightly_smiling_face:

Ask a local window cleaner, bung him a tenner :thinking:

I upload the flight record to google earth

You can do it by following this

The yellow I put in as the possible downward flight path, which to me seems you are correct about the ledge


No to mention having all your kit plastered in GADC stickers. :+1: