Hello from the english rivera :)

Hi everyone,

Rich (MadMossy) from sunny Torquay here :smile:

Cheers to PingSpike (Rich) for the invitation. Been messing around with drones for several years, got a few cheapies from china some time ago and decided to get more involved with it not too long ago.

I currently have a Mavic 2 Zoom for video and photo stuff, and recently took the plunge on some FPV gear, still pretty new to it so started off with a tiny whoop for around the house and have an Eachine X220HV on its way, along with a Skystars Starlord kit (recently reviewed by AndyRC) on its way which I intend to build myself to figure things out properly.


Damn another Richard

Hi @MadMossy welcome to the madhouse pull up a chair and enjoy the view
Looks like you have a good understanding of drones already so you will be asked all sorts of questions but don’t be afraid to ask someone if your unsure on something yourself no one person knows everything (well I don’t)

Anyway I notice you have the zoom can I ask why that and not the Mavic 2 with hasenblad?


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Hi @MadMossy and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Glad you could join us mate :smiley:

Have you seen our Members Map? Got anyone nearby?

Please feel free to add yourself to the map, guide here :+1:t2:

Hello and welcome Rich @MadMossy

Hi and welcome rich I’m in sunny Paignton😎

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Late reply I know, been occupied with flying :slight_smile:

Besides the cost difference, and the general lack of photography skills I felt it more suitable for what I plan to do and the ability to have optical zoom would benefit that goal in the long term.

Just need to get my pcfo sorted :slight_smile: