Hello guys newbie here - Caribbean

Hi guys I am from the Caribbean islands and the owner of a Mavic Pro Platinum using a crystalsky monitor.


Alright chap, I hope its warmer over there than it is here :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain:


I definitely look forward to seeing your images!

Hi and welcome… From cold wet UK…

Hi Trini and welcome to GADC.

But A…A… Another Trini on here boy. Welcome bro. I’m a newbie here too but i’m based in the UK. Originally from Maracas Bay, Trinidad (Would love to capture hometown one day soon by drone).


yes buddy fortunately it is. :slight_smile:

Thank you

Thank you so much

Hello Stone. Thank you my brother. Hope all is well with you out there bro!! godbless you and your family man.

Guys is there a place here i can share a link to my youtube channel? I will love to show everyone my beautiful home in the Trinidad and Tobago

Over here @redserv

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Welcome @redserv . Enjoy the crew and look forward to seeing pictures of a warm place :grin:

Welcome :+1: nice setup, definitely need the crystalsky from your location :sun_with_face::sunglasses: cannot wait to see your vids/pics.

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Welcome to the club Trini nice to have you aboard this is a great family😎


StoneDone and @redserv , I lived and worked in Port of Spain 2019/2020 before Covid took it all away. Most of my weekends were at Maracas or sailing from the Yacht club near Chaguaramas before heading to the Avenue

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Wow! Small world Lee. I’m sure you are missing the wind beneath your sails and the sunshine on your face. Hopefully we can all get some of that this year.

I did a stint in Port- au-Prince after the earthquake :flushed: unfortunately i was not there for fun :slightly_frowning_face: