Help please

Hi everyone. I had a Hubsan H501s as my first drone. I said had as I have just had a “fly away”… sigh… £165 down the drain…

I have taken a photo of the coordinates and I am hoping someone would be willing to fly to them and try to locate my drone.

There’s a few quid in it to cover time and fuel. I’m in Portishead… as hopefully is my drone…




Hi Kai, welcome to GADC.

The coordinates you have, are they the last location before signal was lost?

What exactly happened?

As well as trying to find the drone it might also be an option to try get a refund.

If you think the fly away was not your fault, a complaint to retailer or manufacturer might get you somewhere.

Can see a lot of other cases online.

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Hello mate. I’ve emailed the company so waiting to hear back. I don’t think it was my fault… I took it up to 20m to show a brother in law when it suddenly shot south and wouldn’t respond to any controls and would not return as I flicked up the RTH switch. The read out on the controller had the GPS location with height and distance so I was hoping to get someone to follow the flight path. It’s not far… only 84m and at only 20m height so I’m presuming it’s crashed into something. As the battery was very low it may have just fallen out the sky into something…

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Sorry for your loss. I used to have a H501S, enjoyed my time with it. Hopefully you find it. Did you have any contact info on it?

Yes I did… name , address, tel no and email. I’ve been and searched for it and I think I’m close but can’t get high enough. Though if I could prove I found the spot I would find a way…

Sorry you lost your drone :cry:

Any members on the map nearby that you can get in touch with @Kai ?

Fantastic… Would you mind coming to my house at some stage and following the flight path… I’m in Brendon Road up by Highdown School

Hi Kai. Think you’ve misunderstood @PingSpike’s post. He’s not in portishead, was just quoting your location.

Where did you buy the drone? I can’t help you with finding it but may be able to help in regards to communication with retailer and your consumer rights.

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Ok thanks. I bought it off Amazon and they put me I touch with the company JYZ drone. They sent me an email saying they would be in touch after 2 working days and I’ve heard nothing. I have sent 2 further emails to them and not heard anything as yet

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Amazon’s good.
Was it sold by/fulfilled by Amazon?
Or a third party seller?

If sold by/fulfilled by Amazon get on to live chat.
Explain that it’s faulty and flew away and you still have remote and charger etc. They are normally really good and will help you out.

If it’s sold by a third party you still have protection but you will need to deal with them on the first instance and see if they can offer you a resolution.

@Kai I work down by portbury docks. I may be able to drop in from yate Saturday or Sunday and help weather permitting. Pm me your address and a contact number so we can get in touch😀 sadly dont finish work till 10 pm tonight tho


Thanks Callum. I paid my money to Amazon. I had a few problems I the past with some functions not working and they put me in touch with the JYZ Drone company. I’ll give them another few days to get in touch then I’ll call Amazon.

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John. That would be really helpful thank you. I’ll pm you the details.

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Ok kai no probs😀

I was just going to message you.

Live chat is the way to go mate.

They’ve been brilliant any time I’ve used them.

Looks like @pilningpilot is available to help you search so hope you get something sorted.

Keep us updated here with the search.

I hope it wasn’t heading north or it might be wet.


I wouldn’t tell them the battery was low as they will say it was pilot error…

I wouldn’t either but a low battery shouldn’t make the drone just shoot off.

ok peeps just a quick update been down to meet Kai and fly the last known course for his drone, interesting it flew allmost due south from lauch to 84 meters there are a few small groups of trees that could have been in the way so i may be hung up. checked a few flat roofs and didnt see anything that looked like a drone. the flight controller shows gps and various info so a good start is to switch on and walk to a point where controller gps matches last know drone gps and then start shaing trees and see what drops out.
it was good to meet up with another dronie and hope to meet up again under better circumstances.:grinning: