Hi from Near Southampton Airport

I am new to Drones.
Many years ago I had an interest in photography but soon realised I would never put the time or money into getting too far with it.
Then later, through my daughters school years we dabbled with some £15 helicopters which all broke quite quickly and seemed unrelated to the minor crashes.
But the lure to bring videos and photography together with the experience of flying was too much to resist in the end.
So looking forward to joining in and asking lots of questions.
I can’t fly to close to where I live as once beyond the airport restriction zone I have local laws to contend with that seem to want to outlaw drone usage in parks. TYPICAL.
But never mind, I will pick and choose my moments and likely combine them with travel.

Thanks all.


Hi Trevor @Fad_Flyer and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

What drone(s) do you fly with? Or are you currently window shopping?

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Welcome once again!


We have checked this before and I think you will find there are no real bylaws with Southampton Council for UAV’s just made up regulations which have little legal bearing. The Pleasure park…?? and one other are a bit unclear but the rest are clear. See attached link. Cheers.


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Good Morning Malcy.
Thank you very much for that useful information. The world has certainly moved on from many of the initial intentions written into bylaws hasn’t it.
I will read it all again a few times to better absorb true understanding but correct me if I’m wrong,
The overall gist of it seems to be that

  • Air space that is classified as a Geo zone needs agreement following an application.
  • Air space that is not a Geo zone can be used by UAS operators even if take off and landing permission is not granted by local authorities from their land. The onus placed on them by the CAA etc is just to make it clear that where there is permission from local authorities, then it is NOT permission to fly (due to the consideration for other restrictions).

So what does all this mean when a council run park outside a FRZ without any geo-zone restrictions slaps up a sign saying No drone flying on the notice board on the boundary of a recreation park?
The one in particular that prompted my initial comment is Knowle Park which comes under the Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish council. It is the closest park to me and has such a sign.
Would that have legal bearing?
I must point out that I have no intention to flout laws and I have empathy with common interest regarding disturbance and safety of park users and local residence.
But equally I feel there is a world of difference between low level flying in a busy park vs taking off and getting above the trees for a birds eye view of my locality having taken off and landing a good distance from any with a drone under the magic 249g.

This is my personnel understanding…. some things are clearly open to some interpretation…

From what I can see all of these parks and open land come under Southampton Council, as you say, slapping up a sign has no legal standing unless backed up by a real Bylaw or a NFZ authorised by the CAA, both are not easy to obtain and need to show a very good reason.

The CAA regs say that all safety and operational rules are part of the licence and additional rules cannot just be added by an authority unless they can show good reason as above. Following all of the licence and drone code regs is what you need to do flying a UAV, and perhaps a risk assessment depending what you are planning to do.

What they can do is ask you not to take off or land on their land, but again it should be via a Bylaw or such, an ad-hoc sign just put up by the Council has no legal standing, what they cant do is prevent you flying over such land, the CAA control the Airspace, no one else.

So unless the Bylaw is specific (or NFZ) open land or parks are fine, it does say that in the CAA documentation, pending the notes above.

But of course as you say, “I must point out that I have no intention to flout laws and I have empathy with common interest regarding disturbance and safety of park users and local residence.” I agree totally, so I would go where you want within reason and if challenged ask to see any specific bylaw or such, the CAA say…
“CAA CAP 722.

All safety precautions ascertaining to any flight are inclusive of the authorised licence held.

NFZ or restricted areas formally designated by an authority or regulatory body should be able to identify the specific laws, regulations or bye-laws that empower it to regulate the use of an UAV, or more usually, the land from which they are operated, much as the CAA has set out the regulations that it applies above. We therefore recommend that if a restriction is imposed by a body that may legitimately apply to your flight, you request that information from the relevant authority or regulatory body “

Common sense, follow the code and have CAP 722 to hand… you cant go wrong… ha-ha.

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Welcome, Im not too far away from you in Eastleigh, enjoy the site and help you will receive from other members on here.

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Thanks again @Malcy

Common sense, follow the code and have CAP 722 to hand… you cant go wrong… ha-ha.

I shall endeavour to do that should I find myself in a position where I have decided to ignore such signs

FRZ you mean ?

There is a distinct difference

Thanks DJ. I see you are also fairly new to it and have a mini 2. Popular little beast and understandably so given the way the rulings work.
Have you had any issues flying or found any local good spots? I understand Fryern Rec is outside the FRZ for Southampton Airport so thats closest to me being in a North West direction of the airport.
How often do you get out there?

I haven’t flown locally yet and that’s mainly because of all the restrictions, I can’t even fly in my own back garden. I work in the docks so have used it a fair bit there to get used to it. I’ve been to Lepe beach and this weekend just gone I was up at Farley Mount. I’m trying to get out and about at least once a week so I can get footage to upload to YouTube to share. It all depends on weather and time though. I haven’t had any problems yet while out flying though.

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Hi all,
Just joined and Reading the above with interest.
I live in the SOU FRZ but have had no issues getting permission to fly from NATS and the airport (had permissions in principle for 3 years now)
I then discover that although model planes are welcome, the council won’t give permission to take off/land multicopters from their land.

Compare this to Fareham councils, where they encourage flying as long as you are insured, follow the drone code etc.
I’ve sent SCC feedback on their we page, suggesting they permit responsible flying and update the Web page. Has anyone else approached them?