Hi from the peak district and debyshire dales

Hi im tottaly new to drones. Done the online theory test and registered as an operator. Today my new (to me) drone arrived. A mavic air 1st version secondhand. Seemed to be a good place to start learning and the ability to progress without having to upgrade i live on a small holding (14 acres) on side of a vally looking out over kinder scout and lantern pike. So atleast i have access to space to fly easily enough? Is there any sims recomended to try and train before trying to fly?. Ant tips? A little intimidated buy the thought of immediately chrasshing it! Probably going to watch vids for a day or 2 first.


Hi James and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

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Hi James - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Wouldn’t really worry about a sim - they are really intended for FPV drones which are a lot more difficult to fly. The Mavic Air is a good solid drone and, as are all DJI drones, very easy to fly.
Pick yourself a wide open space with no trees around and just have a gentle fly around without going to high or too far. Always take off with the drone facing away from you - the controls are then normal. With the drone facing you - the controls are reversed - you’ll get the hang of it :+1: :+1: :+1:

Have a look at this video - loads on YT - it gives a good starting point :+1: :+1: :+1:


Hi James, welcome from the Black Country.
If you have any problems let me know and I’ll come up one day and fly with you for a couple of hours.



These picks are taken from my land appart from the dog 1 wich is taken from farm track adjacent to our place

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Looks great. Envious of you having your own land to fly on in such a good location.

Watch out for those overhead wires though!

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Welcome, having grown up in the peaks, i love it. Grew up in Glossop. Some stunning scenery .

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@stevesb Ah just over the hill lol. Id love to do the helicopter ride from the pub at the top

Yup @Yith must admit they bother me but you have to work with what you got

Some great shots there, especially with the mist in the valley.

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