Hidden Britain by Drone series 2

Sunday, 8pm Channel 4.
Anyone going to be watching it?

Just saw the trailer for this, my wife’s comment…“with you its more Hidden drone in Britain, is’nt it!”



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Good spot ! Do you reckon it’ll be on 4OD after ??

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Not got a clue, I hardly watch TV anymore, I was told about it so had to Google it, I first thought it was a repeat of the first series that’s been shown loads of times.

Set up on the sky box, thanks :smile:


Series link set.

Thanks for the heads-up.

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Series link already done :white_check_mark:

I’m on nights from 1800-0600…thank heaven for record ‘n’ play box. But more so for a tv in the kitchen so ‘er indoors’ can catch up on Emmerdale/CSI in the living room.

From what I did manage to stay awake for I found it quite boring.

No more drone stuff than any other TV documentary.

It’s not so much hidden Britain by drone
Why would we want to see drone footage inside the back of an Argos shop ?
More drone footage on ITV & BBC drama programs
Cancelled my series link


I think I’ll do the same, I was disappointed to be honest.

Switched off after 10 mins. Boring. Much prefer him as “Baldrick”.
Might just be me but is he not selling the idea of " if somethings private and owners don’t want you to see something, just get a drone and stuff 'em".

Actually thought some of the flying was great, in particular in the Tube Tunnel and through the window of the large mansion.

But given the huge number of ex MOD sites, abandoned complexes, ruins etc there was a disappointing selection. Argos? WTF?

I’ll leave @DroneUnit to answer that …. :rofl:


I watched it properly last night, it was better than I first thought but some of the content was rubbish, I was expecting a lot more outside seeing things you wouldn’t know were there without a drone.

Not seen the new episode as yet, but comments generally seem to say it’s pretty much as the first series. (Series? 2 episodes is a “series”?)

We have this to look forward to for S2E2 …

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It sounds like it could be better than the first episode.

Thought it was ok, and good to see they were using a MA in the underground to film tv footage!

I have to watch more as the opening clips were of Racton Folly, which is no more than 2 miles from me. It is somewhere I have photographed before and planned to do a flight around - and they beat me too it!

But have to say it’s not in anyway hidden, as the footpath goes right next to it and anyone can walk around it. I was expecting to see some more remote from public view, such as the oil rig graveyard.

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At last I’ve got around to watching.

Not terrible - not fantastic.

Uninspiring”, might be the best word. :wink: