How to turn off the RC Beeping on RTH and Low Battery

I’d use my RTH more often if the beeping wasn’t so loud. Is there a setting to turn that off or turn down the volume?

Your RC beeps when you switch it off to initialise RTH? :wink:

There’s not, no… but there is/was a paid-for app that some standalone guy released that silenced it for you. I forget the name of it now…

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At some point I’m replacing the side USB socket on my RC, and for that you have to take the thing apart to replace the ribbon cable (have one ready).
When I do I’ll see if I can find the beeper and find a way to silence/quieten the thing.
If it’s flat to the circuit board, a piece of sponge inserted might work.
I’ll let people know.

Can it really be this simple?


I’ve seen physical mods, where people drill holes and drive screws in to the buzzer etc :see_no_evil:

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I was hoping to be more subtle and sympathetic to my RC.

That’s interesting. Must try with my MP.


I wonder if that method silences the low battery beeping too?

Someone says in the comments on the video that it doesn’t work on the MP1, I might have started to use the RTH if it did :unamused:

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Yes it does I have taught someone with an MP1 and we silenced RTH


I’ll have to give it a go myself now in that case, if the rain ever stops for long enough and my nerves to use the RTH hold out :laughing:

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Hmm yes I wish the rain would stop as well

Literally a PingSpike…


So - I’ve not been flying - but my RC Battery was low - so I tried it.


I’m certain this will work for the RTH beeping too. :+1:


Did you chaps really not know this ?


I sure didn’t :raised_hand:t2:

It was in the comments of a Steve (DD0) video I think I got it from

What firmware version is your RC on Dave?

I’ve never even tried RTH on the Inspire (as it doesn’t have Precision Landing) but I’m forever flying home with the low battery alarm going off.

I shall try this on the Inspire too and report back :+1:t2:

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It would be useful to know for all other models … Inspire/P3/P4/Spark/M2/Air etc

This was an old MP version about October 2017.