Hurst Castle


First attempt at something vaguely cinematic


I shifted the YT link onto its own line for you, that way it creates the embedded player. :wink:

Flown down there a few times. Any problems from the English Heritage guys at castle?

(Ah - 7am - good move. They’re not awake then. :wink: )


This also gets you the Coastal Flyer Badge. :+1:

And - welcome to GADC, Bruce / @BruceLythe - great first post!


Thank you for moving the video.

Can I ask some honest and innocent questions

  1. if you are at an anti social time (golden hour) is it really a problem to fly over NT or English Heritage properties or a National Park? I am not an idiot - I wouldn’t wake anyone up or endanger anyone and I am very bird and wildlife conciously

  2. VLOS - how serious is this as a restriction if you set up sensible RTH including RTH height and a wise takeoff point? I am running an Asian bought Mavic Air as much as 2000m out with no loss or lags on 2.4 channel 6. I have had DGI Go 4 controller crash a couple of times on my laptop but recovered once inelegantly (mainly due to shock and horror) and the second time the unplug, close app, replug strategy worked fine

  3. I am sensible about genuine exclusion zones and height restrictions but I do find DJI super nanny very intrusive. Am I really such a criminal if I use jailbreaking software firmware to overcome the DJI imposed mandatory restrictions? I find they had no fly zones in HCMC in Vietnam completely wrong… I don’t have any meaningful warranty cos I bought the Mavic air flymore package for £630 cash in Asia…

Would value input on these matters - perhaps over phone if you prefer…

  1. Flying over should not be a problem - they don’t own the airspace. As long as you take off and land on land where there is nothing to prevent you, then you are OK.
    Unfortunately, some EH/NT staff are not always aware of those two things - so still may challenge you.
    With respect to Hurst Spit - I’ve never worked out exactly what they “control” … as to whether it’s the whole Spit, or not.

  2. Technically - VLOS is what it is. However, I’ve flown across to the IoW from further up the coast at Lepe (Lepe Beach - Wed 27th Feb - Anyone?), 2.8km away. I do only do this over the sea, though, in my “defence”, where the likelihood of being an issue is at an absolute minimum.

  3. DJI impose minimalistic/simplistic restrictions - very simply because the memory needed for a global database that represents every national/local restriction would require a ridiculously large memory and would be needing updates every day.
    Whether or not one over-rides the DJI no fly zones, one still has to abide by the laws and restrictions imposed by the country you are in.
    Sometimes these are larger than those implemented by DJI, sometimes smaller.


I loved the fun crossing intercontinental video. Which drone were you flying and how far is it from Lepe? I guess 2900m? I flew 2465m from Milford on sea cliff top along the cliff edge to nearly the Barton-on-sea Golf Club clubhouse. No problems at all.

Where are you based? Meet up sometime? Are there any local gatherings, clubs?? I am in Lymington.


Mavic Pro. Yup - 2.8-ish km.

Eastleigh. Sure, happy to meet some time.

There was a meet-up earlier in the year :

Hopefully there will be another, some time.

Ahhh … :wink:


You can see my house. Keep me posted of your plans + when might a meetup be possible - just the two of us or more? BTW I have a powerboat (small) who h could be a subject or a platform…

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Hi Bruce

Great video and good choice of music to go with it, where did you take off from?

I am Phil, I am between Christchurch and Bournemouth, so not far away. I have looked at flying from Keyhaven, Calshot, Barton and a few others, Lymington included,looked around the ferry terminal. I know Dave flew form Lymington somewhere, not exactly where he took off and landed though.

I have a Mavic Pro, a little Tello, and just got a DJI Osmo Pocket, a great little thing, not really used it yet though.

I would be up for a get together as well. I am free on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the week and weekends, week days are obviously quieter when the kids are at school, so that is when I would rather fly, but appreciate others work.

Look forward to meeting up.