Im brand new straight out the box


Im that new i havent even got my drone until Monday…lol. Im buying a used Mavic pro after seeing a friends in action.
I could do with some help from the group on advice regading where to fly with out having to get councill approval from Wirral Borough Council.
Im also lookjnb for advice with editing video from the drone.


Hi @barry , and welcome to GADC! :+1:

As can be expected, we have a large number of MP owners, so if you have any questions ask away over on #questions-and-answers and someone with the relevant knowledge will be happy to offer advice.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members and you’ll see there are a few other members in your neck of the wood, some of whom may be able to offer suggestions on local flying locations.

(Don’t forget to add yourself to that map :+1: : How to add yourself to the Members Map )

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown in the past … which, obviously, doesn’t necessarily mean they are still OK to fly and, as always, any pilot needs to check that everything’s OK before flying at any of them.


Hi Ozone Vibe,
Thanks for the advice i will check out Q&A…and look forward to meeting like minded people.


Hi @barry welcome to this madhouse we call home
don’t be afraid to ask any questions we all have one that may not have been answered before
Do a search in the threads it’s quite easy if you want to find something specific
I’m not ultra far away and always meeting up with members weather permitting :grin:


Hi Sparkman
Thanks for the advice, just finding my way around the site.


Hello and welcome Barry.


Welcome to the friendliest and the very best drone club in the Universe…(unless ET knows otherwise).
If you haven’t already done so, gorge yourself on you tube vids while waiting for your forst flight.
Upload some weather apps and the NATS app, this app will give you the details of any NFZs (No fly zones) near you and any hazards. Don’t forget to configure the apps for your flying ceiling and other parameters, such as maximum wind speed warnings. There’s plenty you can be doing to prepare for your first flights.
Best wishes


Hi Brian

Many thanks for the info its much appreciated I will look into it.



Tip 1 - never ring the council, it rarely ends well and despite what they may try to imply they have no control at all over air space.


Welcome to Grey Arrows @barry :+1:t2:

I’m not too far away, only in Wigan :slight_smile:


Yep, never ring the Council, they haven’t a clue, their remit seems to be to control and rule over the people they are supposed to serve. They should stick to emptying the bins and keeping the streets clean


Hi and welcome to GADC @barry :wave:

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Hi Barry , welcome to the family, hope you find safe places to fly.