Inspire 1's and spares

I have (finally) had a bit of a stock check and I find that the Inspires appear to have been breeding. So I have a couple of Inspire 1 aircraft for sale:

One original with the spin-on self-tightening propellers (a set of four used and three new pairs). There are also a load of propeller safety clips to go with it. It has the Pro X5 gimbal mount which takes either the X3 or the X6 camera and the leg extensions that form part of the pro package. I can supply that as a barebones package or add most of what you need - controller, case, batteries

Similar for another I, this time with the gimbal mount mod and the leg extensions to bring it up to Pro spec in the X5 department. The motors have had the prop mounts updated to take the 1345T quick-fit props - I can supply a set of these and spares if required.

I’m dismantling another Inspire 1, with an X5 mount (that’s worth £100 on its own) Motors with 1235T adaptors, good booms and arms. Bodywork has been painted. All parts available.

I also have some white bodywork, some arms, wiring and odds and sods. PM me with any requirements.

If I have to put the stuff up on eBay it will be more expensive to cover their fees, PayPal and the general annoyance of having to photograph and upload the listings!


I’m sorted at the moment, but for anyone looking to dip their toe in to the world of Inspires, I can fully recommend the adventure :slight_smile:


Oh sir can I not tempt you to just a leetle bit more of Inspire? Reliability perhaps? It is waffer-thin …


Hi @macspite
I’m interested in the X5 gimbal mount if it comes with all the bits ?



I’ve been thinking of selling one or three of mine too, they have sat on a shelf for too long now :zipper_mouth_face:

I had a rush of blood to the head and stuck it on eBay. Listing here:

It has all the brackets and screws and is a simple replacement for the X3 mount. £100 if sold off eBay posted in the UK free

Have you got a set of leg raisers that goes with the kit too ?

Afraid not, the mount is removed from a malfunctioning aircraft. AFAIK the risers are held on with strong tape, I could possibly remove them from the legs of the aircraft without damage. I’ll let you know this evening :slight_smile:

If you could that would be great, im sure its only double sided tape that holds them on.

If it is possible and you include them with the x5 gimbal we have a deal :grinning:

PM sent.

I have managed to prise the risers off, not too much blood shed!

Thank you.

If still available I can buy the x5 gimbal with the leg risers please ?

Yes indeed. I have sent you a message. I’ll send another with payment details if you let me know if bank transfer or Paypal is best

Hi @macspite

Not got your message so sent you one

Hiya Mac
Have you got a right arm (looking from the back), mine’s been mended at some time (very well) but if the price is right I’ll change it. I’ve got the later mount motors on mine which work as they should, so if there’s no motors it’s OK. Let me know mate


Hi John.

Just to confuse matters DJI decided that, rather than label left and right from an imaginary pilot’s view as any sane person would they would refer to left and right from the point of view of someone staring at the nose of the aircraft.

So you need a LEFT arm. The complete assemblies are marked with a stamped L or R on the underside of the piece that enters the hinge mechanism.

I have a complete assembly without motors or landing legs. That involves a reasonably hectic strip of your aircraft to access the hinge mechanism and to plug the power and ESC cables, attaching the motors, landing legs and ESCs from the old machine (bolts and plug-in cables and soldering each antenna to the thin cable. It comes with all cables pre-threaded through the tubes. £60 new, posted

I have arms with cables but no boom (the horizontal tube that carries the motor) but it seems to be the boom that suffers in most crashes. I “cheated” and used only the boom from the complete assembly I acquired hence the spare arm. Arm with cables new £30 posted

Then we have a complete assembly with landing legs and antennae pre-soldered (they are fiddly to hold in place and the cable is short so not the easiest to solder) Transfer your own motors and ESCs. Used, good condition £60

Also I have Inspire V 1.0 arm assembly complete with motors, ESCs, legs all assembled. NOTE V1.0 motors are not the same asV2.0 or Pro. Different power and Kv. No risers to accommodate X5 camera. And, although no soldering required at antenna end there will be an almost total strip down to solder power cables to the interior of battery compartment £80

All prices include postage to UK mainland


Motor/ESC tear down guide here if it helps @Hotrodspike

Thanks Rich :slight_smile:

You ARE Mr Inspire

DJi don’t design their aircraft with user repair in mind. Hence there is AFAIK no parts list for the Inspie available outside authorised dealer circles. And DJI are fairly grudging in allowing most dealers to perform repairs - would prefer everything was sent back to DJI themselves.

In which case mate, I need a boom not the arm (holds the motors) for the left side. It’s the front that’s damaged near to where the arm connects. Every thing else is OK except the zip on the case and I can live with that.


That’s the problem. It’s the booms that break, hence I have a number of spare arms but no booms on their own.

I can’t split a complete arm and boom assembly as that will leave me with another, potentially unsaleable arm. £60 plus post. Or you may find cheaper on eBay - be careful to check which side you are being offered!

OK mate, I’ll have the assembly off you, (left hand side looking at camera), I’ve got plenty of time on my hands just lately! Is it a difficult job, or just a pain in the bum?

Let me know how you want paying and we’ll sort it.

Thanks mate