Intel set world record with 1,218 drones at the Winter Olympics 2018

I don’t care if this was pre-recorded / planned. It’s still seriously cool :smiley:


Oh wow. Was out Friday night so didn’t see the opening ceremony, and no time now, too much sport to squeeze in. And the curling teams haven’t even started yet!

Impressive, but probably just as well they’re not doing it now, with the wind in Pyeongchang.

Been watching Curling a lot today!

In fact, the Curling started last Thursday. :wink:

The possibilities for invasive aerial advertising are limitless :-/

Think we can hire that lot and fly them over a National Trust property just to see their reaction? :rofl:


And kit them all out with those funky LED props too :smiley:


More “droneography” (Is that a word, yet? It is now! :wink: ) at #PyeongChang2018 in the closing ceremony.