Interesting NOTAMs / Flight Reports / temporary flight restriction zones

I was trying to do it on the phone Wayne :+1:t2:

And failed miserably :smiley:

@Kirky , @Sparkyws
It’s Bigger then you think! :open_mouth:

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Intentionally created as a sellotape dispenser.

I thought it was, hence why I got it all wrong earlier trying to create, so I done a load of screen shots then gave up :grimacing:

I blame Wayne :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yeah seen that today on the app. That covers everything south of castle Donnington!! Like… half the country!!

How many fly overs are there going to be?!?

JUST A REMINDER for weekend

Moved your post to the thread where this is already being discussed. :+1:


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Carried out a lot of flying along the Thames from Greenwich down to Tower Bridge at the weekend. Had a number of ’ high interference environment ’ warnings appear on Air Data…

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It looks like that huge radius has now been reduced.

Yes, noticed that, doesn’t stretch any further west than Andover/Chippenham now, leaving the Free Republic of Somerset blissfully unaffected :+1:t2:

Also part of no fly.heathrow planes not flying London ie.east to west but west to east.
same with gatwick west to east instead of east to west.

Not very covert is it… :joy:

You’d like to think it’s a promo shoot and not a real investigative case. :sunglasses:

Right above my house

Seems the chaps in the little planes want to race each other (although their website is shit)

One for the Coventry fliers.

Harry styles concert apparently.

milkmanchris - You can’t be far from me - I was watching them go past Drax Power Station on Sunday morning from my garden.


Something happening in Portsmouth today?

Some ship leaving, earlier this morning, it suggests.

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Yes it is the biggest cruise ship to enter the Harbour itself - The Mein Schiff 3.