Introduction - Newbie from Uxbridge

Hi Everyone,

This is Amir form Uxbridge, Greater London. Currently waiting for my Mavic Air 2 to arrive, thought it was a good starting point after tons of reaearch. I can see from the map there are a few people in Ruislip which is great! Might be worth mentioning that my borough is 76% a no fly zone and the council is campaigning for the other 24% to follow suit!

Looking forward to being here!


Hi Amir and welcome to GADC.

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Booooooo :-1:t2:

Welcome to GADC @Amir :smiley:

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Tell me about it ! i read the proposal and it is quite annoying how they perceive drone pilots.

Thanks, looking forward to being here!

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Hi Amir and welcome. I’m also a band new to this drone thing with the Mavic Air 2 so any questions about it please shout!

I’m also just down the road in Watford so give me a message if your struggling to find places to safely practice.


Thanks @Mike_Ward90, i keep researching and i keep coming up against bylaws everywhere. Seems to me that safest best for practice is the Richmond flying field but if there are some nice open fields between here and Watford then that would be great.

Last thing you i want to stress about when first practicing with the drone is the location and looking over my shoulder!

Hi Amir and Welcome to the group. I am one of the fellas who lives in Ruislip and like you recently acquired the Mavic Air 2, which is a great drone by the way. So far I have found the best place to fly is at Rickmansworth Aquadrome as the Three Valleys council don’t seem to have an aversion to drone flying. The aquadrome is quite big to it is possible to get somewhere to fly from that is not too busy (except weekends though). I was wondering about Croxley Green in Watford area as well - nothing I see written that would prohibit provided you comply with the Drone Code.

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@mark280560 That is very useful thanks! in fact i has written to the Three Rivers council before to see what they would say and obviously the response was " It is usually busy" " You won’t be able to adhere to the Drone Code" “Would advise against” which is basically to try and turn me away but nothing they mentioned constitutes as breaking the law. I have seen a few clips on youtube of people flying there and it seems to be fine as you say. I also heard the Ruislip Lido is a good space to fly.

Can’t wait to get the drone and start flying !

@Amir, welcome to the group. I also live in Ruislip and unfortunately Ruislip Lido is a no fly zone as are all the parks or open fields that belong to Hillingdon Council.
I plan on using the Northwick Park Model Flying club flying field for my flights.

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Welcome to the group :+1:

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Yeah it’s a tricky one with little information normally. I felt exactly the same!

If you’re good with a 20 minute drive have a look at the below spot I put in Drone scene. It’s a wide open field which currently in the evenings just has a couple of dog walkers around! Let me know if you need coordinates or some better directions!

I think I’ve shared this link correctly! :no_mouth:

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Thanks @PingSpike I knew I wouldn’t of quite got it right!

Thanks for that, even though on their website they actually have a promotional video of someone flying a drone and there are quite a few videos of people flying there with no issues. I wish these parks / councils made it a bit clearer in terms of Bye-Laws. I know royal and national parks are mostly a No, No.

I will check out the Northwick park flying club, that would be great!

This seems like a great location!

Welcome Amir good to have you aboard :ok_hand:happy flying

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Hi Mike,
I used this location last Sunday and is indeed a great location. I parked up near the football fields and only saw one dog walker in the vicinity. Plenty of room and some nice countryside. Looks like I will be visiting again as I want some space to practice controls before venturing on any adventures further afield. Thanks for the recommendation?

  • Mark

Sounds great, i might use it Friday morning or so, at the moment still using Richmond Flying field to get better at controlling the drone, always empty, plenty of flyers around so it is a nice place to be at the moment!

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Really glad you enjoyed it Mark. I was actually in that field walking with the in-laws that morning! Was a good day for it and I was regretting not bringing the drone!

I had another trip there this evening as it was nice weather. Even encountered a couple of paragliders which was nice to watch until they came my way! Had to get the drone down to about 6ft above the ground and leave it there while they passed over.

Ha! Welcome to Chorleywood - where everyone has a microlight and small helicopter kicking around!

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