Is buying the Mavic 2 a good idea?

Hi Club Members, I tell you a bit about myself. Im 69 years old , going to fully retire next year. Going to need a new hobby , got to keep busy, so i thought of buying the Mavic pro 2 with the smart controller, please would you tell me if this is a good idea or not… Thanks…Trevor


Depends what you want out of it? But asking if buying a drone is a good idea on a drone forum is probably going to result in a unanimous YES ITS A GREAT IDEA! :rofl:

And yes that’s my answer :+1:t2: also Welcome to GADC :+1:t2:

In all seriousness though it really does depend on what you want out of the hobby. Travelling to different places will be a must and some photography knowledge would be a help as well to get the most of the drones awesome camera :+1:t2:


2k is a lot to drop in a new hobby, maybe someone could (when allowed) meet up and let you see what it’s all about


That’s a big spend on your first drone! Are you familiar with photography and being able to manually change camera settings? The Pro 2 has a great camera with a lot of functionality and quite a big footprint, but if you are not going to take advantage of it, then you might be better off with the Mavic Air 2 as your fist drone. More compact and better battery life and the camera is excellent. I would recommend buying the Combo Pack if this the route you go down. Smart controller isn’t a necessity but will enhance your flying experience better. Also take out DJI’s first year insurance. Well worth it for a novice pilot.


Where are you located Trevor?

Mavic 2 is such a good drone couldn’t recommend it enough… but as a first drone I’d be very nervous flying it.


I bought a mavic 2 pro but I bought a really good secondhand one , fantastic drone and I absolutely love it , if I was you now I would probably wait and see what the mavic 3 pro is like as it’s got to be close now and probably it will have the CE mark but if you did get a M2P you would not regret it.


I am same age and circumstanses, I have just bought a M2Z with a smart controller 2nd hand and love it. I can really recommend it as it does what it says on the tin and really is quite easy to get started with. But from what I see there is a lot to learn before you can do “professional” videos etc as when you delve into the menus on the options there is much to play with.


More often than not I’m reluctant to recommend one model over another without knowing the persons abilities and expectations beforehand. Recommending you drop nearly 2k into something without knowing these things first would leave me not being able to sleep.

These new, and very good, machines are extremely capable of producing some jaw dropping photo’s and video’s but if you rely on the automated features you’ll just be recreating the same results as others whom rely on these features. At the same time using such an expensive piece of equipment to teach yourself how to control the drone with confidence can be counter productive, meaning it will always be in the back of your mind how much you could lose.

I think of it in a very similar way to how I approached flying fixed wing RC models. I do find the larger and more expensive models so much easier to fly than a simple high wing foam trainer, but I would have needed sectioning if I’d have chosen to fly larger models from the getgo. This is because I wouldn’t have had the basic skills to keep it in flight or recognising the tell tale signs that something bad was going to happen. Drones share a commonality to RC planes in so much that take offs are optional but landings are mandatory. That’s why I’ve always been a proponent of your first steps should be cheap and cheerful. Using a cheaper and less sophisticated setup to begin with will allow you to quickly gain the important skills and confidence required to ensure your safety and that of others. The payback when you move to a more sophisticated model will be exponential and the enjoyment far greater.

These are just my thoughts on the matter and the views of others are equally valid also.



I thank everyone for the reply , I will take on board what you have said, I live Titchfield Fareham, i think i need to travel to get to good take-off spots.


Hello Trevor and welcome to GADC. :+1: :+1: I am not a million miles away from you,If you would like to see a mp2 ,in the flesh so to speak, and see it fly i would be more then willing to show you…just let me know… :+1: :+1: :wink:


I asked myself that very same question when I was looking for my first Quad. I too am in my 60’s. After mulling it over for a few days and trawling through dozens of youtube videos, these were my considerations.
How much longer have I got to live :grin: Seriously, have I got time to get into serious video and photography, or is it going to be just for my benefit. Do I want to spend hours editing footage to put on a media platform.
Cost isn’t an issue.
I’m an experienced RC fixed wing and Helicopter pilot, so the learning curve (with regards to flying/orientation) will be quick.
Where am I likely to fly, would a heavier noisier Quad be a disadvantage or a nuisance to others.
I never gave much thought to regulations and how they could influence my choice.
I wanted to occasionally tear arse around for the fun of it. Low high speed flying and dodging obstacles etc.
I ended up with a mavic mini for sticking in my pocket when out for a casual walk. Plus a mavic air 2, which will fly in quite strong winds. Provides me with very good daytime footage and is packed with all the features ‘I’ need. Flight time is good too. Plus I can have some high speed flying fun as well.
Each to their own decisions though. Good luck on your choice, you won’t be disappointed with your choice of hobby though.


Thank you for the offer, I do know my way around a camera alittle, think I need to do more thinking about drones. Hopefully in the near future we be able to meet up… This year have been hard for for everyone , and still its not over yet … Thanks for your reply… Trevor.


I’m away for the next few days in Hertfordshire but I live on Hayling. Plenty of reasonably local places to fly - check our DSronescene map - several of the local spote I have flown and added myself. I’m two years younger than you and had similar thoughts and anxieties about buying a drone, eventually settling on a second hand Mavic Air at a decent price.

Covid rules allow recreation as well as exercise and two people can meet outdoors so I am happy to let you have a go with Air to give you an idea of what is possible.


Hi,Trevor, welcome,

I too am a newbie, but moving slowly! I first got a Hubsan 501S - nice good value starter drone which got me hooked, and if the camera had been gimballed, I’d probably still have it! But the jerky video and fishbowl effects spoilt it rather, so I soon moved on. I don’t have (or want!) a smart phone and unfortunately for my little android tablet the android version is too old for the Mavic range. The Hubsan had a good screen built in to the controller, and I found out about the Fimi A3 which is similar but has a nice gimballed camera and a few more special functions. Screen a bit dim and needs a sunshade, easily cobbled up from another type, and a little electronic mod brighened it up a bit, so now acceptable in sunlight. So as hardly any drones have a built in screen, here I stay until either I win the lottery or the price of the Mavic smart controller comes down to a sensible level :smile: But it works well, I’ve a video on the group here.
I could have gone for a Fimi X8SE 2020 - within my budget, the controller is lovely and would easily take my tablet which is compatible. But the 2020 model is very new - I like new models to settle down a bit before taking the plunge.
Anyway after all my rambling, you have of course done the right thing by asking for advice here, but it’s very difficult to be objective when you have a drone of your own! I love my little A3, but I’ve no doubt I would also love an X8SE2020 or a Mavic Air! So I suggest you browse the many YouTube reviews for all the drones you think you might like, and weigh up the pros and cons, both on performance and value for money. Then agonise over a decision :wink:

Happy hunting and keep well!



Hello Trevor. Doing the same thing (change of scene after nearly 40 years of IT) though I have jumped in with both size 9’s and got myself a Mavic 2 Zoom. I looked at the smart controller and decided not to go ahead with that though I did get myself the fly more package. Hope this helps. Keith

Hi Trevor

I have been playing with drones for a few years now, Afriend of mine in India let me have a play with his Mavic Pro when I was there, and that was it, Iwas hooked.

I ordered a good secondhand Mavic Pro on ebay even before I left India, it was all good and had 2 extra batteries and a few other bits and pieces.

I started using my phone mounted on the controller, but when messages or warnings popped up I couldnt read them as the were so small, bear in mind that the screen on the smart controller is smaller than my phone, so I would never think of buying one.

So I got an 8" tablet and started using that and was satisfied for a while, but it wasn’t good on a bright sunny day, I had to put it in the shade to be able to see anything on the screen and by doing that I couldn’t always see the drone.

So I took the plunge a got the DJI CrystalSky 8" monitor, its expensive £669, but I haven’t looked back. I got the High Brightness version, there is an Ultra Brightness version that more expensive. I am on the second mount for fixing it to the controller, but I doubt I will find anything better than the one I have now.

I have also upgraded to the Mavic 2 Pro, again a good secondhand one, you don’t get any warranty obviously but I haven’t had any issues. The camera on the Pro is amazing, there are lots of manual controls similar to what you would have on reasonable SLRD camera, it takes great stills and videos, also great 360 panorama shots and stitches the shots all together on its own.

I guess it depends on your budget and whether you would feel better starting off with something smaller and cheaper, then moving up to the Mavic 2, or maybe the Mavic 3 when it comes out. I am 65 by the way. I live in Bournemouth, so its not a million miles from you, so we could meet sometime if you like.

Take care and keep safe.

As above, whaterver DJI you buy get the Flymore back and their insurance package.

Hi Trevor,

I’m now retired and got into drone flying for something to keep my busy.

It is by far the best thing I’ve done to get out and about.

Try getting a secondhand craft to practice with as you can easily resell it if you take up dominos…

Also, have a look around your local area for a suitable place to practice.

Good luck,


Hi Trevor,
I have a Mavic 2 Pro with smart controller, Fly more Kit and other accessories for sale only four months old and in perfect condition if you’re interested?


What sort of price would you be selling your kit …Trevor