Is this a fault?


Whoa!! That is really pronounced!

Love the graph overlay though :blush:


@JJN Made it out at lunchtime today and have news!

In 6 minutes of spinning around it didn’t pause once. Hopefully it’s not waiting to reappear when I’m not expecting it but it appears this one is good.


Good to hear mate.

Now you can get back to enjoying it.


Good news Colin - for both of us! I’m going to hope that you got a replacement that was also faulty and this new drone is fixed/was never faulty.


Excellent news!!!


OK I’m back from holiday (some good footage to follow) and my MP is still doing this, so I’m gearing up to send it back.

I could do with someone’s help - I need a flight log from someone’s Mavic yawing slowly without the freezes, so I can study what the Gimbal heading data is doing - are there random strings of zeros, but too short to cause the freeze? Or are there no zeros except when the gimbal is actually pointing that way?

If anyone has time to do this, but doesn’t know how to extract flight logs from their phone I can post a How To here of as a separate thread.

Pretty Please :slight_smile:


Jeff, we always appreciate a good how-to :+1:

So please do :blush:

Hope someone can get a log file to you!


I’m back in the country on Thursday. If no One else has it by then I’ll do it no problem


Just a thought, Jeff, if you have the Litchi app you could make it rotate at a waypoint. This might isolate the problem as being controller or Mavic.
It seems to accept a large angle for rotation at the mission planning stage (I just tried 2880 degrees = 8 rotations), but not sure if one can set rotation speed (I’m new to Litchi) if that matters when creating/detecting the problem.


You somewhere nice?


Tenerife. Was nicer in Scotland when we left. Only holiday I’ve been I arrived with sunstroke.


I’m fairly sure it has nothing to do with the controller. As the video shows, the rc_rudder value (as received by the drone) is virtually constant during the turn, while the gimbal_heading value jumps randomly from the actual heading (close to the compass_heading) to zero and back. When this happens for a long enough period of time, the drone stops yawing - presumably attempting to give the gimbal time to catch up.

If other people’s gimbal_heading values don’t show these zero values, then that points to it being an intermittent fault with the gimbal compass. Armed with that info, I’d be ready to start the conversation with DJI :slight_smile:


That would be great! might still do the How To if I have time tomorrow…


Sorry, yes - indeed. My brain was in Litchi mode wading through the help pages …… Was thinking about this after I posted and recalled.

Surely DJI don’t need any more than their own data to accept that there’s an issue, though? But, yes, comparison/corroboration with data from another would be useful. I’ll see what I can do.


It’s generally my understanding that DJI’s service department don’t try massively hard to replicate a fault, so I’m hoping to minimise the number of times I need to send it back and the overall duration of being without it :-):grinning:


Currently trawling through old data that might help …
Gosh - these things log a bjeezuz of data! :open_mouth:
Last time I did this was for my Phantom 2 … it’s changed! :stuck_out_tongue:

Was your data, above spreadsheet, from MP or RC?


I took that from my phone - using the instructions from here:, then exported it as a CSV and loaded that into Excel


OK … I’ve researched the data that related to some old flights with pretty constant panning in them.

What I’ve found is that there are random zeros in the “gimbal_heading(degrees)” data, but in my case just the odd one.
Using the “isVideo” and “time(millisecond)”, it’s easy to locate the time in the video this relates to and examine for any “twitches”, and I was unable to notice any. The footage was at 30fps, so it might show up if it had been recorded at a higher framerate.
(Note: My GPU being a bit lame for 4k doesn’t help, introducing twitches that are totally unrelated to any zeros! A 1080 clip might eliminate this problem, but can’t find any with sustained pans.)

HOWEVER! …… the data relating to near the end of one clip DID have a consecutive sequence of 3 zeros! And, Yes!, the twitch was definitely visible! This was a clip of “mucking about pans” lasting almost 4 minutes.



What I am curious about, however, is how you kept your rudder stick SO static? :thinking:


Blimey! Look at the time! LOL! That took a wee bit longer than I’d realised. :stuck_out_tongue: