Is this a fault?


Just decided to look at some other flight logs, and it’s VERY INTERSTING!

If one’s taking video, or not, is actually beside the point. Yes, it’s only video and panning when this notices, but the gimbal compass should be close to the MP’s compass value most of the time.


It’s got zeros all over the place, when it blatantly cannot be pointing that direction!


Thanks for all this research! First thing - I kept the rudder setting constant by pushing it over with the side of my thumb and pressing against the body of the controller.

The data is really helpful - but makes thing even more puzzling. I see loads of zeros when I just have started the motors, before I take off or start recording. So maybe it’s not as simple as I thought and Zero means “Same as main compass”? ADDED - no, that can’t be right - there are plenty of times when both values show the same heading…

The fact that you can see this happens (occasionally) on your MP when you know where to look means that perhaps all MPs suffer to some extent, but some give noticeable pauses. Perhaps there is a setting or compass calibration issue that needs attending to on my MP, but as it did it straight out of the box there could also be some sensor issue.

So all in all, that’s not the easy solution I was hoping for!

Do you mind if I use your data when I open my case with DJI?


Please use data if it would help.
Sounds like you see the same zeros at the start up as I do. I skipped to the flying bit, since that’s more important. But I see no reason why is shouldn’t be close to the same values as the MP at all times … just the yaw lag is all that the two should differ by … IMO.


Totally agree, but I’m clutching at straws now :slight_smile:

Thanks again for doing this.


No problem at all! … other than now I, and all GADC members, will be on a “twitch hunt”! (See what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue: )

I shall try and do a Litchi training flight to include some rotations … in 1080 … and see what I get. I’ll let you know.


We must have some different settings somewhere.
Your rudder value was a constant 1211. Mine was averaging 1288 (min 1024, max 1415 … over the whole continuous pan that I was attempting to keep constant rotation) … but I was holding it only partially (perhaps less than 1/2 of the way) over to the right (and hence the variation .
This probably has nothing to do with the main issue, but interesting none the less.


I wasn’t holding the stick. I pushed it over about half way using the side of my thumb, which was held still by being pressed against the body of the controller. I did this specifically for the test :slightly_smiling_face:


@JJN Good luck - feel free to reference me with DJI. I don’t think I’ll have a chance to fly before I’m off on holiday at the beginning of July.


Colin, this is a complete wild card and probably totally irrelevant, I haven’t read through the whole of this (slightly lengthy) thread, but I have had video freeze ocasionally and I think it was the write speed of the memory card, causing the video feed to buffer. This wouldn’t, of course explain the zeros, but have you tried switching to internal storage, which writes much faster?


Its not the card - I’m using the recommended one that came with the drone and it still happens, and what’s more, I can actually see the drone stop rotating in the air.

It’s a lengthy thread because it’s a complex problem :slight_smile: and I’ve stated this answer in other replies.


Jeff, is this problem still ongoing or did you get anywhere with DJI?


Pun? :wink:

Definitely nothing to do with the card.
The above posts show that the MP’s control data is faulty.


Colin, I am still waiting for the time to send it back, flying around the issue for now. However, a brief exchange with chat support got as far is finding out that Vimeo is blocked to them. I also can’t locate my proof of purchase ATM.

#ash sorry if my reply sounds curt, not meant to be :blush:

Still haven’t fully tested Litchi. Dammed work…


No prob. Jeff. Not taken that way.


For those of you who took an interest in this issue, I’ve made some progress :slight_smile:

First hurdle (other than finding the time) was Proof of Purchase. Having hunted all over for it I finally asked Jessops customer service if they might be able to give me a copy delivery note and they did - responded straight away!

Second hurdle was getting through email support - the usual to and fro. It was going quite well until they said the engineer wanted to know if I was pushing the stick over all the time or letting it go. I got a bit curt with them and they eventually told me to send it in.

It was a bit of a palaver to pack it up and send it off via UPS but yesterday they said that they had got it.

Today - I’ve got confirmation that the repair will be carried out under warranty!

Remark: WARRANTY: No crash damage. No liquid damage. Core board defect.

  • Item List

  • Core Board

  • Quantity: 1

  • Net Price : 273.55

  • Total Net: 273.55

  • Repair Service Fee

  • Quantity: 1

  • Net Price : 50.00

  • Total Net: 50.00

So it looks like I’m getting a new main board and it should be back shortly. Let’s hope it is the main board and not the gimbal…


Thanks for the update!

Good result!

… although, from posts I’ve seen from others over the last few years, you’ll get a completely new drone.
From what I can gather everything gets sent back to China for refurbishing. Kind of makes sense from the commercial perspective. Labour is so cheap in China.


Great result Jeff, just shows that pushing the issue can get you a result !.


Well, it’s back. Looks like a brand new replacement to me, still had protective film on the lens.

Deep depression though - I’ve STILL GOT THE FAULT!

Just had enough daylight to test it, but the mid turn freeze happened almost straight away.

They didn’t replace the remote, so that’s one possibility. They might have not even tested it - no damage so less man hours just to send out a replacement (and they probably don’t have a shortage of them now the 2 is out).

So I’m not really sure what to do next. Could there still be some sort of software issue I haven’t addressed? I guess the next step should be to report the repair as failed, and maybe they will swap over the remote.


That’s standard. They don’t seem to repair anything in Europe. New one out - old one back to China for refurb.

A bugger that you still have the issue.


What the forum does now have, that we didn’t when you originally asked that question, is a Map of Members.

So - people near Berkhampstead with an MP - any of you able to help Jeff?