Is this a fault?


Thanks for the suggestion. The weather today meant I didn’t risk testing. I’ve spent a bit of time checking all the calibration methods. The compass was out but not hugely, and the IMU was in the green, but still quite a bit off. so I’m holding out some hope that a test flight tomorrow might show the problem to be at least minimized.

Something I never did was fly it on wifi, so I’ll try that too.

If not I’m going back to DJI, because it surely must be the remote? If anyone is nearby, the a quick test with another controller would be very useful :slight_smile:


Just posting this as I test things.

Flew on WiFi this morning, and although I see a few stutters on the video feed I can’t see any freezes on the recorded video. Switch to RC, its happening very obviously on the recording. If anything, subjectively it seems to be happening more with the new aircraft.

Currently I’ve just been flying in the back garden, so I’m going somewhere where there should be less likelihood of interference, magnetic or radio.


Following this with interest…

Sorry for the grief you’re getting @JJN but thanks for keeping us posted :+1:t2:

So what’s the thinking here Jeff, possible momentary RC interference causing the jitters? :thinking:

Do you have Litchi? It’d be interesting to program a slow 360° pan and see if it does it then too.


I thought of that, too, way back at the beginning of this story, but half way through typing a reply along those lines I realised that the RC sits between Go4 and the MP, and likewise would be between Litchi and the MP - so I wouldn’t expect this to make any difference.

I also realised that creating slow 360° pan in Litchi would be really difficult … you can’t control rotation speed at a particular waypoint - so you’d have to have a circle of waypoints to fly around - which would introduce other factors.


Well, I need to do a proper video now. While using the wifi, there are some picture disturbances, but playing back the video of the card, it doesn’t freeze at all.

The RC, however, still has the same issue. It may not be happening quite so often, but when it does, its a show stopper for me.

This is in an open area quite some distance from any potential radio sources, so I really have to suspect the RC. I have flown without a phone and seen the same behavior.

So, either they have sent me a new drone with the same fault (which only happens on RC) or it’s got to be the RC, hasn’t it?


Certainly sounds to be RC related from your findings.


I did have a spare Mavic Pro one knocking around somewhere but I can’t find it now. If it turns up in the next few days I’ll post it to you for a loan @JJN


I would reward you handsomely with beer tokens if you do :slight_smile:


OK, here is the video I’ve made for DJI’s benifit. Let me know if anything doesn’t make sense before I send it to them guys :slight_smile:


Bloody hell… it stands out a mile in this video Jeff :scream:


That’s what I’m hoping! Of course on other forums there are some self-appointed “experts” who say it’s video lag because they didn’t get past the second minute… Then the antennae aren’t angled properly (sigh)

Ive contacted DJI now and sent them this via DropBox. I’ll keep you informed :slight_smile:


Hi Jeff
its just a pity there was no one close by who could have lent you a controller to confirm the fault or even a local supplier with a display demo set.


Here are a few further tests. I’m waiting for DJI to escalate this to an engineer :wink:


DJI’s latest response:

> Thank you for patiently waiting, just got an information from the evaluation team, firstly, we have no access to the links. and our engineer tested this craft outside and he found no issue. The issue you mentioned you are having seems "normal "to the engineer. We have had some more cases with this problem. But this is normal with the Mavic pro. even if you get a new one this will happen. If you keep turning the craft you will get this. This is not a connection issue or something else the craft just decides to do this.


sounds like bollicks to me!





scuse me Mr DJI !, I and many others have never noticed it, wadda load of shit !:japanese_goblin:


OK, in DJI’s defence…

Now that they have managed to view the video files, I got this response:

> I sent the video to the engineer, we are impressed by the videos, thanks for the effort you’ve made. We will replace both of the craft and the RC for you, you will receive a new (warranty) quotation soon.

No mention of trying to reproduce the problem, but maybe third time lucky for me.


Oh wow! Sanity at last!

So pleased for you!


I guess that was their Great Fire Wall of China being the issue.
You really have to wonder when someone significant like DJI can’t access things.