Is this a fault?


The saga continues…

New drone (no.3), new controller (no.2) - well the plastic protection is on both anyway.

Except, the controller has a very floppy left aerial that won’t stay upright.

Having lined everything up, the first flights showed a couple of very tiny hesitations, but most of the time things went well.

Decided I might just live with the floppy aerial, but then I started to see more stutters - still not as bad as Drone 1 or 2 but still happening. I’m now highly tuned to them. Perhaps it is inherent in the system and the engineer was right when he said they all do them?

Anyway, decided I can’t live with the floppy aerial (and it would detract from the resale value) so another ticket, another UPS label and another two weeks nearer the end of the warranty.

So this will be like Trigger’s broom. If all three controllers and all three drones stutter, however many times i calibrate them, then it’s a design issue. Perhaps most people just fly through it, or aren’t as picky as me.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Loose antennas on Mavic Air

What a pain!

Someone reported floppy aerials on a Mavic Air, the other day, too.

Loose antennas on Mavic Air

Seems QC @ DJI may be not what it was.



Thanks for the updates Jeff - good of you to share your experiences mate :+1:t2:



Well, here is my next one…

Hello Support

I’m unhappy to report that the replacement drone you have provided has also turned out to be faulty. This issue occurred while testing with the drone with the supplied remote control, but I thought it was a random occurrence as I was flying near water at the time. I have since experienced it flying on WiFi. What is more it has increased in frequency to the point of making the drone unsafe to fly.

Shortly after take-off, perhaps after a few position adjustments, the drone may start to rise in the air without any joystick inputs at all. If left it will continue to rise until it reaches maximum altitude.Downward stick movements while the drone is rising will trigger a “Landing” message and the drone will begin to land. Other control input may then cancel the landing message, and the drone may start to ascend again.

I can also see the reported altitude being displayed as 0.0 in red on the phone screen when the drone is many meters in the air. This may be displayed randomly. Looking in the warning log I can see a message “Downward sensor error. Aircraft unstable at low altitude. Please fly with caution.” (13:43:17 on 7/2/19). which is still in the log.

On the basis of this I have discovered that if I disable the Downward Vision Positioning in Visual Navigation Settings/Advanced the drone does NOT start to rise without input. However, as I’m sure you are aware this makes precision landing difficult, and when flying low, the hover is far less stable. I have used the DJI Assistant 2 software to reset the drone and re-calibrate the visual sensors. I have checked the camera lenses very carefully and they are clean.

I’m in the process of making a video to demonstrate this error, but I’m writing in case you have any suggestions that I may have missed or if this report is sufficient to warrant an immediate recall.

I’m now very worried that my warranty will run out before I have a stable aircraft. You have supplied me with two faulty drones and one faulty controller as replacements, all worse than the items I owned in the first place. Please advise me if the warranty will cease to be valid at the one year anniversary even if I still have a faulty drone. If that is the case I would need a refund of my purchase.




Blimey! :open_mouth:



The saga continues :slight_smile:

Now heading for drone 4, UPS label received.

In the email from DJI the support agent told me that the aircraft and remote control had a 2 year warranty which is a relief. I see a lot of conflicting posts about this, and I would expect that to be the case in Europe, but the UK has less rights. The purchase was made on 8/3/18.

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OK, new drone doesn’t have this yaw issue and doesn’t have the VPS issue so I’m wrapping up this thread. If anyone else sees the problem, I think that there is an issue with some aircraft, or controllers and the only solution is to send it back and play “Warranty Replacement Bingo” :slight_smile:

What I can say is that a proper video of both issues seemed to settle the matter quite quickly.

I’ve started another thread about the issues I am seeing, but this one isn’t a showstopper.



Good news! :+1:

Was this the first time the controller was also replaced?



It was replaced with the previous drone, which had the VPS fault instead.