It’s here ! 😁

Well I have now got my Mavic Pro. :grin::laughing: I’m so excited. I wanted to share all the goodies I got.

I think I got a bargain. Let me ask what would you have all paid for everything in the picture as a single purchase?


Bugger the expense , read the manual and go fly.

Looking forward to first photos :wink:


I got my first flight planned for tomorrow. Read the manual about 6 times since I knew I was getting it. Also been watching you tube videos galore.


Good choice. Enjoy,

My Mavic Pro is still my go-to drone, I’d never part with it :blush:

Looks like a decent case you got there too :+1:t2:


Fantastic I want one. Maybe in time unless you want to swap for a Hubsan :rofl::rofl:. Go on please :rofl::rofl:

@Neil79 Urmmmmm I don’t think so. Sorry :kissing_smiling_eyes:

For everything in pics it’s cost me £500 all in. Think I got a bargain. From what I can see batteries only been charged 6 times too.


I know just joking :rofl:. That is a bargain. Think I’ll look for one second hand soon. Rather than getting something same price new but not as good quality. Where did you buy from?

It was from someone my Mrs works with apparently he goes through fads. (He now wants to do unicycles) I keep finding little extras everywhere. Think I got about 8 sets of blades. Even got all the boxes for everything.

Looks great! Good Luck!

Thank you

Congrats, brand new that would have cost in the region of £1200. It’s a great drone, well done
Have fun

Definitely a well looked after one! I think you got lucky there. :wink:

Well one – that looks the business at a great price too - enjoy :+1: :+1: :+1:

Welcome Mercedes @Mercy
Looks as if you got a great deal there.
Get out and get some practice now, plenty of nice places over your way for you to fly.
Enjoy it

Good deal there! I have posted a link to a set of documents that provide good advice, apologies if it’s not required. Have fun

I got mine for a bargain although I prefer the look of your case but well done when you get comfortable flying next step up into the cockpit with some DJI Google’s it’s such a great drone the Mavic Pro enjoy :pray::ok_hand::sunglasses:

That is a bargain. Nice one!