Atherton First Pano

I hope this works, here is my first morning out with the MP I think I sussed out a pano picture, not sure if it will scroll, anyway hope it works.

Interactive Panoramas
Its here


Kuula best suits the full 360 image, rather than the wide rectangular image you’ve used.

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@Pterodactyl Yeah sorry about that, it’s my first time even stitching photos together. I tried using all the photos I took for the 360, but looked a mess, total jumble. For some reason it wouldn’t add the sky pictures in properly. I have attempted another but kind of looks like a 360 but very tight sky. I’ll figure it in the end.

Once you’ve stitched the 34 images into a spherical projection, since the MP can’t actually shoot “straight up”, there is a lack of sky.

In (something like) Photoshop you can increase the “canvas size” of the stitched image upward so that the overall width/height ratio is 2:1, then infill the additional area with … a blue/sky colour.

The “canvas” size bit …
Click on the down arrow (anchors the image to the bottom)
Make sure “Relative” is unchecked.
Enter a value in Height that is half of the value in Width.

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Have a look at DJI Media Maker, available from here its a nice starter app that will give you very usable pano from the folder of files that the MP has produced.

Then upload that image to Kuula

Another useful program for panos in Microsoft Image Composite Editor - MICE. It’s free to download and use and will stitch 360 degree panos and rectangular ones taken by phone.

Skies are a pain. I’m slowly coming to grips with them. It is useful to have a library of skies you can use to “fill in the blanks” and that nice @milkmanchris has one available here

If you want help with 360 panos and Kuula I might think about an illustrated guide though I’ll probably get laughed at for doing panos in my own cack-handed way :frowning:

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Anyway, back on track.

@Mercy, give the thread a bump if you need any more help.


Sorry been a bit of a busy day today not managed to get on, I did manage to get an hour or so flight in this evening, got some more panos and 360s so fingers crossed.

While Im trying to sortsome 360s out, I thought I would post these pictures that I got. They are a few of my faves from tonight

DJI_0373.DNG (17.4 MB)
I also managed to get a top speed of 43.3mph according to my flight log, had a nice clear run and put it into sport mode !!

It’s here
Hi from Atherton


Great stuff! I can only imagine you are feeling really elated about the aircraft and yourself - and quite rightly so! Impressive first pictures and 43 mph without getting a ticket, drone police must have been asleep …

You took the words right out of my mouth !! She is amazing…the MP that is. I still need a name for her lol.

I think I have managed to do a 360 that looks proper. Can you guys check it out andlet me know. I used the DJI media maker that @milkmanchris reccomended. Im going to see what it looks like with MICE, when I get more time, as its nearly 1am think i best get some sleep.

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Was this from the 34 images that the MP creates when in 360 pano mode? They’re seems to be some missing and an incomplete … 360.

But, other than that, you’re certainly getting there … step-by-step. :+1:

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Well I’m back, managed to get on today and hopefully I think I got a damn good 360

let me know


That’s looking good. :+1:

It also adds a Bird’s Eye Viewer badge to your profile! :wink:

@OzoneVibe Thank you so much. I’m enjoying getting these badges.

Took some work but got there with my 360s. My big thanks to @milkmanchris @Pterodactyland @macspite for the tips on 360s and skies.


Very nice @Mercy

Have a play with the filter effects on Kuula, the bloom can just give it a bit more punch.

Great stuff. As Chris says, play with the filters in Kuula - I normally use 20% filter slider, 70-70% HDR and 10-15% sharpen. Yorr taste may vary :slight_smile:

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