Lepe Beach - Wed 27th Feb - Anyone?


Big waves!

Cafe! My coffee is better! :wink:


It’s still 2°C … but no wind and sunshine = sat out having coffee! :+1:


Davinci Resolve time. :wink:


did you manage to view the video all the way
I mean no drops in playback while on the mission?


It dropped just 1 bar on video downlink and stayed full bars on control signal.


A quick - rough - edit - no processing other than speeding up the boring bits between each end.

Only 720p and moderate compression. Uploading over mobile.

Oh, and some crap camera control on the far side … but that wasn’t important on this crossing. Another time.
Wind is picking up … not enough to prevent crossing, and it is in the return leg direction … but no point pushing my luck (or nerves!) any more today.


did you do the longer flight round the corner to cowes?
not watched video yet


Not yet. Easily doable. Might do another flight if the wind stays as it is … or leave for later … or another day.
The main challenge has been done. :+1:


Litchi over states the time needed.

Today’s was estimated at 15 mins, took 12 - used 44% battery.

The longer one, at the same leisurely cruising speed (35kph) is estimated at 21 minutes, so in reality (no wind) would be ~17 mins, and 62% battery.

So, no issue with actually doing it as far as battery life concerned.


That’s whats lacking in the app, a time remaining on missions would be nice (unless I’m missing something)


Thought you were going into the trees at IoW end plus I notice did you have to mess with the camera pitch ?


I think the overstating is adequate protection.

Using VLM you get a more accurate duration (and far fewer camera angle cock-ups!).

For me, though, now I’ve got those stats, I can feel more confident overall.

Shame the wind picked up … I’d like to have done the same mission at a higher cruise speed setting.


Yeah. Set up a new (simplified) mission on the phone … and created a similar angle error that I was explaining in the other thread, yesterday.
I was happy I was only going as far as the road, though.
But, slick video was secondary, today. I wanted to monitor the battery remaining time and the time needed for RTH. It’s rather good when they are both reducing … the latter faster than the former. :wink:


The pitch angle cock-up was as a result of having the pitch set to -15° at all waypoints and then, just before take-off, changing the one over the road to -75° … so that I could confirm “over land”.
Needed another wp closer to land still at -15°, and another soon after land the same.
Ya live and learn! :+1:


Another time, happy with the route and battery life such that I can be more relaxed (and knowing that the control and video signals stay healthy!), I might set camera heading and pitch to manual … and have both more of a look around and make the crossing part more interesting.


I had same issue with my first litchi flight the pitch was way off as google earth doesn’t cover for that well


Use VLM to check camera angles. It’s brilliant!


maybe for another thread
using vlm?
well done anyway Dave


VLM = Virtual Litchi Mission.

I created this from it.
You can view in Google Earth without ponsing about creating a video.


oh sorry I did that but didn’t have much luck with horizon plus it doesn’t show the hight of trees :joy: