Lepe Beach - Wed 27th Feb - Anyone?


If you had 3D data and 3D buildings on, in most places in the UK (cities/towns more so) the trees are 3D rendered … as in that clip.
Not 100% reliable … but, where the data exists, it’s damned useful.
Even street lamps are in 3D … power pylons too, sometimes.


And, yes, it does screw the horizon sometimes … but it’s correct when you fly the mission, so ignore that.


Still only PC I believe, may have to play in a virtual machine.


Yes. Windows only. Virtual Machine would be fine - just needs that and Google Earth installing.


Another flight (the wind totally died!) … 100% signals @ 3km. That’s incredible!


It got warmer! I wondered where the sensor is located … because the air temp ain’t that!
No wind and sat in the sunshine is crazy hot for February, though!

So hot, even Southampton airport is recording 15°C.


yep the weather is amazing atm


Sail boats without sails … in Feb!


that’s cheating


By shadow and reflections lmao


smoke and mirrors if you ask me


OK - this is silly!

I’ve caught the sun, today, down at the beach!

IT’S FEBRUARY! :open_mouth:


no Dave thats just the blood flooding back to your skin in relief that you made it there and back


Three times! :wink:


yeh well done Dave
do you get the lunatic badge now?


I think the excursion around the corner and into Cowes would have been needed for that.

But the main thing was getting to feel comfortable with doing that range - and the final one the video was better (will post tomorrow) because I thought about that a little more then the first two crossings.

So - more than happy - and that’s something left to try another time.


yeh it looks really good and you had a great day for it shame i was working would of liked to been there
so maybe nxt time


Days like today happen very rarely. Glad I hung about to catch the afternoon lull in the wind … possibly because of the tide change.


I was shattered by the end of the day … up at 4am!! … otherwise I’d have hung about and done a night flight. It’s still perfect down there!



yeh that would of been interesting a night flight , mind you you might have the police, coast guard tackling you thinking you are smuggling lol by keep flying over there