Lepe Beach - Wed 27th Feb - Anyone?


“Stealth mode” :wink:


you be careful painting the MP like a seagull you might get a amorous male trying to put its bits into your sensors :joy:


How’s it gone? Is that it? … or is there a day 3?


Third flight of the day - quick edit - just speed changes to make shorter.

The sun’s position makes this a tad better than the second flight.
I also paid more attention to camera heading/tilt.
I also managed to relax more.

(No bothering with vid from first flight.)


Just missed that boat :rowing_woman: on the return


Not really - that boat doesn’t have a 120ft mast!
Not many ever do!


Noticed all them car did they buy a brew of you could have made some dosh while waiting


Busier than when I arrived at 6am … only car there for over 30 minutes.


Would need a PfCO for selling coffee … Permit for Coffee Operations. :wink:



Exactly - not many do.


Well - a bit of fun editing applied to the 3rd flight …


Re edited with better bluurrrrrrr control using a tutorial that @MementoMori directed me to.

Learnt a few more techniques!


That’s better :+1:
I’d still change the music though :crazy_face:


I’d change the weather first … get rid of the haze! :wink:


Can you do that in Resolve? :thinking:


You can de-haze … but I’m not really bothered.
Main thing was the “intercontinental” flight … then getting 12 mins of vid down to a palatable 1:30 without clipping and losing the “whole” flight aspect.
It would have been really dull with just the start/middle/end - and the distance of the flight would have been totally lost.
So - both those things I’ve achieved, and learnt new DVR skills. So + + as far as I’m concerned.