Lippisch P.15 EDF Jet with HDZero and Headtracking

My winter project is to make a new plane.
I’m using the Freewing Lippisch P.15 Jet and fitting HDZero and Headtracking.

I also want to have a control console using the iNav OLED display, more on that later.

The actual Jet has been put away for xmas, but I managed to have a good look at it and my 3S batteries (which are what it is designed for) will fit giving plenty of room in the cockpit for the Headtracking servos.

There is a replacement cockpit STL on thingiverse for this plane and I’ve already checked it fits. I’ve done some mods to fit my requirements, More mods will follow.

I’m using the same headtracking system I had set up for the 3D printed plane I made last winter, but I think I’ll have to do some mods for the HDZero Nano V2 camera I have. That will be no issue.

I have a Race V2 and Matek F405 MTE flight controller mounted behind the camera.

The OLED display is in place and in the photos you can see my problem… it’s too close to the camera to be in focus. I had been expecting this problem for a while, though not right from the start of the planning stage.

I guess I need some sort of close-up lens just for the cockpit area? Does anyone on here know enough about optics to give me any suggestions?

My plan was to modify the iNav firmware to get a more interesting console display on there. I’ve looked at the code and that is completely within my capabilities, but the focus problem is something I need help with…


Is it even possible? When our eyes move to a closer object, they refocus.

Well I wear varifocals and they do this sort of thing

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On my mobile phone if I want to read something small I move the phone away then zoom in and take a picture that I can then zoom in more

As you can’t do this what about fitting a macro lens to your camera

Something like this

Interesting… I can’t attach it to the camera though as I still need to use it for FPV when I look away.

Then that’s the issue with using a camera that is fixed focus, I was going to say to adjust the lens on the runcam but then it would be out of focus for distance

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Is it worth trying to experiment with these?

I’m not hopeful, but it’s all I can think of that would be small enough to position where you need it in the cockpit. And a plastic one should be easy enough to shape to your needs.

Might help

I actually came up with the same idea.

Annoyingly I had one in my wallet, but gave it away a few weeks ago. I didn’t need it since I have varifocals.

Anyway a few should be delivered today.

Perhaps a macro lens for an M12 camera?

Whoops, just read this … so I guess ^^^ is not suitable.

I can’t see how you’d be able to choose your focal point midflight between the cockpit OLED screen and FPV long distance :man_shrugging:

There was a model P15 being flown with WREN gas turbine powering it. I believe it proved a bit of pig to get it to fly properly aerodynamic wise due to the smallish rudder…
Interesting jet aircraft these Germans came up with in WW2.

That’s really interesting!

I suspect actually implementing a focus motor on a HDzero camera may be a little beyond my abilities though.

If nothing else I’m limited with space and weight, and there could be resilience issues on a plane.

Still, really interesting article… If I was using OpenHD perhaps… hmmm…

The idea would be to have some sort of corrective lens just over the display. Fixed in position. Like wearing bifocals.

This one has no rudder. Its effectively a flying wing. There’s just a stabilising fin.

Well the bottom half would need to be ‘long sighted’ and the top half should be clear. Which is exactly how Bifocal Reading Glasses are constructed. I’d be tempted to cut a 8/12 mm (not sure of your camera) circle out of a cheap set, as they are only a tenner on Amazon.

I tried using an old pair of my reading glasses. It didn’t work.

I’ll try the fresnels first and then maybe what you suggest… Maybe I’d need several stacked?

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*Its just occured to me that there are lens available for cell phones that are adjustable…cell phone adjustable lens - Google Search

*(Earlier post replaced).

A little servo arm moving the magnifier in and out of the camera view :thinking:


Hahaha, after first crash all ruined…

I know this wouldn’t work with the HDZero at present, but this is a great usecase for switchable camera inputs, with one macro camera pointed at the OLED and a second distance camera for distance view. Having the headtracker set up to switch between the two depending on whether the head is tilted down or up would be possible.

If only there was a way to switch between 2 digital cameras…