Litchi and full 360 panoramas

On my last couple of test flights I’ve been trying to fly a pre-programmed flight path using Litchi. I am using a M2P. It worked pretty well for a video sequence.

Another thing I wanted to be able to do is set a series of waypoints and then, using Litchi, fly to each of those and have it shoot a 360 panorama. It seems that this is not possible - only a cylindrical panorama, and there aren’t enough steps available at each of the waypoints to manually create the various images (even if I wanted to try and pre-program that myself - yikes!)

What method would you suggest to get a full 360 (actually, I need a set of RAW images I will stitch myself) from a number of pre-planned locations?

I generally set up flight paths and waypoints using Google Earth Pro so that I know (within reason) what I am going to get.

Dronelink can do this for you.

Only other option in Litchi (if it’s close enough) is break the mission down, fly to A pause mission do the 360 - resume mission and so on (that’s what I’ve done to work round it)

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Yes - I’ve heard of dronelink but not used and am too invested in Litchi knowledge now to risk trying something different.

So can you be flying a mission in litchi to a waypoint and when it gets to the waypoint and holds, pause the mission, then change to ‘pano mode’ take the panorama and then switch back to waypoint mode and resume so that it will fly to waypoint 2?

And I assume 8x columns, 3x rows, 3x Nadirs and height 107 degrees is appropriate on Litchi?

(I’m not too sure on the number of Nadirs to shoot)

This thread might help … Taking 360 Panoramas Manually - Anyone? ;)

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Yes it will ask you when you restart the mission if you want to start at the beginning or from a certain waypoint, choose that option (always stop it at a waypoint)

I’ve always used 8x3x3 at 110degress and had no issues.

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Thank you. Weirdly I cannot go above 107 degrees. I’ll try again next time I boot it up.

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I think when you boot it up (as opposed to playing in the app unattached) there is an auto that gives best settings.

Let us know how you get on.

Have a look at DroneLink, the planning app is free to sign up for (like Litchi) and you build missions by components, its about the same price as Litchi (was free to begin with) but adds a lot more control

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Will do. Flying on Friday so hopefully the weather will be as predicted.

(can you clarify “as opposed to playing in the app unattached” - I was actually connected to my M2P when messing earlier on today in my shed, but still seemed to max out at 107 degrees)

Ah righty , some features are different when you are connected to a drone, I didn’t know you were at the time.

My Original MP will go to 110.

Well, my shoot is over. Several important lessons learned. Man, that was a stressful morning!

I had (and always seem to have) compass calibration issues with my drones (Mavic2 and Mini2). I’ve posted here before about having to do this repeatedly- seemingly with every flight.

This time I simply could not get the compass calibrated even after 6 to 8 attempts at various locations in the middle of a field. No metal objects in the vicinity. I was going insane. My first battery was almost depleted already trying to solve this.

Then I found the probable cause.

I get cold hands. Even when it isn’t so cold outside, by hands get cold pretty quickly. And they get painful. Even wearing gloves doesn’t help much, but I had recently purchased some gloves with fold back thumb/forefingers specifically for when I am out doing photography. What holds the folded fingers back and out of the way? Little magnets in the finger tips!

Once I’d discarded these gloves the compass calibration seemed to work ok.


Next problem was litchi not doing when I expected with my carefully pre-programmed flight. I’d pre-visualised the flight using Google Earth Pro so I knew roughly what it should look like.

Litchi loaded in the mission. A simple 2x waypoint mission with the camera slowly rotating slightly as the drone flies from waypoint 1 to waypoint 2. Dead simple stuff.

I wanted the drone to get to waypoint one, start recording and hold position for 10 seconds then fly to waypoint 2 and hold position for a further 10 seconds then stop recording. Again, dead simple.

The problem was that at the first hold position the camera wasn’t pointing in the correct direction so when the movement began, the camera made an erratic rotation to where it should be pointing. It did this every time. Really weird. I needed a smooth flow from the hold to the movement.

When the drone came to waypoint 2 and held, it was absolutely fine. It was just the opening movement that would not work.

I did find a solution to this which involved pausing the mission just as it started its initial movement and starting the recording manually, then resuming the mission after 10 seconds. This seemed to work, but far from ideal.

Further issues I had with litchi were the heading setting needed correcting in the app. I can’t recall exactly what I changed but it was a bit annoying as I had pre-visualised the flight in Google Earth and it seemed fine there.

Also the altitudes were wildly different between litchi in pre-planning and the GPS of the drone when in flight. It was perhaps 10m or so different which would have taken me above the 120m restrictions. I therefore needed to manually change these in the field too. I realised there would be some discrepancy, but not this much.

So, I eventually got the shots I needed but it was hardly straightforward. I burned through my three batteries doing a simple shot like this and have now ordered another one as a backup for my next shoot!

If the site was closer to where I live I wouldn’t have been so worried, but this was a 3 hour trip and a hotel stay over so it needed to get done in one hit.

Wow, that was a long post, but hopefully useful to some?

Share the mission maybe we can take a look ?

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I’ve not made a public mission before, so not sure if this will work. Nothing exciting at all, but welcome any thoughts. In the meantime, I will get onto Dronelink and see how that might be better.

I find this with every Litchi mission: even though I have the first Waypoint looking at the first Point of Interest, the drone only makes the necessary yaw after it starts to move.

My workaround is to add a new Waypoint about 5m on from the first, also pointing at the first PoI. I make sure this Waypoint is not on curve, and set the recording to start only at this second Waypoint.

Good tip.
If I have intermediate waypoints - with hovers and then movements at each, will the intermediate movements work?


Hover 10 seconds
Move to W2

Hover 10 seconds
Move to W3

Hover 10 seconds
Move to W4


Will I experience this error at W2, W3, W4 etc?