Litchi chit-chat ... What's Litchi? Should I use Litchi?

How you connect Controller to phone ?

With the USB cable … same as for Go4

I normally Connect on go4 woth WiFi.

Huh? Now I’m lost as to what you’re doing.

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From Litchi FAQ

For drones with a Wi-Fi connection (Phantom 3 Standard/4K, Spark), follow these steps:

  1. Make sure no DJI-based apps (including DJI Go, Litchi and other third party DJI drone/osmo apps) are running in the background. If there are any, force kill them

  2. Force close all DJI-based apps (including DJI Go and other third party DJI drone/osmo apps).
    Please note step 1 is not enough. To force close an app, go to your mobile device Settings - Apps - DJI Go (or other app name) - Force close

  3. Start your aircraft and remote controller if you are using one, and let them initialize for a few seconds

  4. Connect to the Wi-Fi network of the aircraft

  5. Start Litchi

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Sorry to keep asking basic questions but Just before I order. I can only see an android version to purchase. I thought you could plan a mission on a pc and then transfer it to an android tablet.

Do I buy the android version and then everything becomes clearer. The Litchi website gives little information and there is no FAQ or help desk.:thinking:

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The User Guide is reasonably good.

Mission Hub is where you set up on the PC.

You don’t transfer it … when you’re logged into your account PC or Device - the missions automatically sync between them.

(Well - I do - because I never have my drone-phone online … but that’s me and my idiosyncracy. :wink: )

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Ok I think I understand now. Thanks for your patience. I have now loaded litchi to the tablet I use. The tablet is only for the drone so perhaps I will connect to the internet to get the mission synced.

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If you log in to your tablet using your litchi hub details (and all are connected to the internet) as @OzoneVibe says all missions you have created on the hub (on your PC) will be available to you

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Here’s a thing. I would like to use Litchi mission to fly over a POI that isn’t on the map (a fish farm).
Is there a way of doing a quick reccy first, noting the GPS coords. then planning a full mission using those exact coordinates?

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Is it not on Google Earth? Litchi Hub (on laptop/desktop) and the app both use Google Earth.
But, yes - you can fly and add way points as you go - save them as a mission - then tweak at home in Litchi Hub.

Thanks Dave. I haven’t seen any way to add waypoints as you go. Do you mean fly in FPV then add waypoints or fly a preset mission and add waypoints?

The POI is on Google Earth but the image is a few years old and I can’t be sure of the absolute position.

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Nope - fly in waypoint mode - don’t load a mission - click on the +waypoint or +POI icons … save as a mission when complete … then use/tweak in app or Mission Hub.


click on the +waypoint or +POI icon … changes that icon to blue for WPs.

Click on the screen where you want to WP/POI to be placed.

The icon is blue (POI mode) in this.

Thanks Dave, That’s very helpful. I’ll have a practice run first.

As I have just done … you can try that sat at home. :wink:

Should have mentioned … when adding WPs/POIs whilst flying … I seem to recall it automatically adds them where the drone is, rather then where you tap the screen (as it does sat at home).
I don’t recall if it matches height for either - so double check WP/POI heights.

Cancel that … it’s exactly the same if connected and flying or not.

Shame you can’t pan camera left/right when you pause litche mission that has POIs. Not sure if the same is true if the mission has no POIs … will have to check this out. Can only pan up gown with gimbal control.
Epic litchi flight yesterday . Finally getting crystal clear vids.

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