Litchi chit-chat ... What's Litchi? Should I use Litchi?


I’ve been thinking about getting multiple fliers together with spotlights rather than strobes .
Co-ordinate between the pilots when they turn their spot lights on and off so that any observers will think they’re looking at alien spacecraft zooming across the sky .


Check out my flight over something with a little more zap, about 3km out at its furthest with only a slight drop in connection at the furthest point,

The biggest issue as @OzoneVibe has eluded to is actually hitting the things.


If you are using litchi and the mission is a big area does the system send the drone home for a new battery?


Low battery settings options work the same in Litchi as they do with Go4.


The mission clearly indicates the distance and how long it’ll take to fly it.


The time estimate is actually very conservative.

Litchi Mission - Duration Times Inaccurate?


That’s a good thing. i’d stick to the Litchi times for safety .


If you use VLM, and providing you set the cruise speed within that (if you’re waypoints use Cruise Speed), the result in Google Earth is very accurate.


Thanks for all the replies. I think I need to buy it and study it.


Don’t know if this is allowed, but downloaded litchi for free through “apkmirror”. Haven’t used it yet but everything seems OK so far. Just wait until I use it and loose my spark forever. :frowning:


What you won’t get, I doubt, is syncing between devices and the ability to plan on a large laptop/PC screen … probably it’s best asset … and hence the additional (and useful) functions that can provide.


I’m not averse to a little high seas software, but given the cost of litchi and the continual improvements and community I was happy to pay on this occasion.

Good as an evaluation though to see how you get on.


Probably the best value-for-money item I’ve bought since getting the MP, I reckon.

Let’s face it - the first significant use is scary enough when it’s kosher … I’m pretty sure I’d not bother using it from unknown origins.


Yup… once you’ve done one decent mission, you won’t look back.


Do I have to use the USB cable from controller to phone to use litchi app?


Just use as you’d use GO4


I can’t seem to Connect it. How do u do it please? Wanna make sure I’m doing it rite.


Android or iOS?

Have you already connected using Go4 on the device?


I’m on android, I was connected to go4 the. Tried loading litchi. Was just showing “disconnected”


Go to the phone’s Settings > Apps > Go4 > Open by Default … and clear the defaults.

Then, when you have the RC connected to the phone and switch on, in future, you will be asked which app to use … Go4/Litchi… with the Always/Just Once options

Only select “just once” for either app - otherwise it sets the default.