Litchi guide

Has anyone come across anything like an idiots guide to litchi?
I’d like to be able to read before I try it out.

Lots of youtube videos too, or search the forum for Litchi

I use Litchi nearly all the time now as a replacement for GO4


Also take a look at Litchi chit-chat … What’s Litchi? Should I use Litchi? … and … Some notes on using Litchi.

Not definitive guides at all … but gives you some insight to using it.

Also - just shout if you need to know anything about it … several frequent users amongst our members.

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Thanks guys :+1::+1:

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If it helps, I’m a recent user of Litchi and in the 5+ outings since I purchased it I haven’t even considered using the DJI app. Interface takes a few pokes to get used to but I’m getting there.

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What sold it for me in the end as a replacement for GO was the Home/Course lock and Tripod buttons there where you need them.

My only gripe is the lack of media button to look at what you have shot, although you can cache them in certain modes to your (i)phone

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Agreed - I went looking for that as well and couldn’t find it. Haven’t tried the course lock yet but will at some point.

Chances are DJI haven’t given access in the api.

Another thing in Litchi I’ve yet to use, or even find a reason to use, is the ability to just draw a missing on the mobile screen.
I must play with this some time. :wink:


I find this very handy, especially if I’m out with nothing planned and just have my iPhone screen and want to do a quick mission


It’s wonderful map!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hi Edward / @edwardfcy - and welcome to GADC.

If you have a moment, pop over to #introductions and tell us a little about yourself. :+1:

Still a newbie but learning lots! If I download Litchie to my desktop (Android)so I can set it up on a big screen, can it cross over to IOS on my tablet?

So long as you’re signed in on both it’ll all sync up.


It’s one of the many joys of Litchi …. being at home using a big screen on any platform and doing the detailed planning … and then being in the field not needing to do more than a little tweaking if you fin it’s needed.

Many thanks. Just one more! Do you need to experiment before setting up waypoints to get maximum range to maintain VLOS?

No harm in experimenting to find what you’re comfortable with, but remember you can abort a mission at any time, so long as you still have RC connection (which if you’re concerned about VLOS shouldn’t be a problem).

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Thanks Colin. But I am now confused as on another forum they are saying if you buy LItchie for Android but want to fly on IOS you need to buy 2 versions?

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Ah - that is correct!

…. but when you have, the missions synchronise between them both and Litchi’s Web UI.

Incidentally - their web UI does have a few additional features/tools that are not in the mobile apps. These can make a desktop/laptop (complete with it’s larger screen) very useful when creating and planning a new mission.
(No fee for the web UI! :wink: )


Many thanks Dave