Lost drone - Oldham


Hi I was flying my drone in Shaw in Oldham yesterday (26/10/22) at about 12:50pm when the wind took it and it just shot off.
I was unable to use the return to home feature as it wouldn’t let me every time I tried, the drone kept going further away and eventually the telemetry said it was a mile away up the road on George Street, Shaw, just off Buckstones road.

I asked residents and searched a few back yards but couldn’t find it I was wondering if anyone on here had seen it?
I’ve seen some posts from Shaw on here so maybe?


Thanks in advance for any help

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Condolences on your loss

Do you have any Airdata logs you can share?

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Sorry to hear, I put my phone number on mine just in case and hope someone has the decency to call.


I empathise with the heart in your mouth moment, and I do hope your search has a happy end.

It’s not uncommon for the Mini to suffer from this. For future reference if the wind is stronger than the RTH speed it will continue in the direction of the wind. In such an instance you should switch to sport mode and reduce altitude. I also make a point of taking off into the wind whenever possible, that way the journey back uses less battery than the trip out.

As I mentioned the Mini had the unfortunate reputation for this, that’s why the Mini2 was made with a more powerful propulsion system and suplied with a battery that could provide more power when needed.


I have the flight data and last known location, I don’t know how to export them to a file tho, is there a way in the DJI app? As I would gladly upload them.

Sorry to hear that mate , No the feeling hopefully fingers crossed something might pop up :crossed_fingers:t2:

Sorry replied to wrong one…

I have the flight data and last known location, I don’t know how to export them to a file tho, is there a way in the DJI app? As I would gladly upload them.
I think my main flaw was that I had the return to home height set too high, I didn’t want it to hit anything on the way back and then by the time I could correct it it had gone


I’m not bothered about the drone just the memory card as I didn’t back up the flights and it has all my flights about 13 of them. I also get abit weirded out that someone could be sat there with memory card, I should have backed them up I was literally watching something from the card on the pc about an hour before. My bad

Sign up for a free Airdata account, and share the glight log.

Much more info than the DJI flight apps

As @milkmanchris said get your flight data and share with the guys on here that know how to analyse it asap then you might stand more of a chance of recovering it , these guys done a cracking job at pin pointing mine within a few metre distance , I know where it is but sadly mines at the bottom of a lake , hopefully yours is on terrain or sat in someone’s back garden then you might stand a good chance , I wish you all the best mate :+1:t2:

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There is a remote chance that someone has put your operator i.d. into the CAA drones reunited site - if you are registered and it’s written on the drone. The CAA can then contact you and let you know who has the aircraft

Don’t hold out too much hope though - it’s a difficult site to find via google and doesn’t seem to have much activity.

Local Facebook pages and other local media may be your best bet.

I’m not register but will do now, I’ve put it on Facebook lost and found and a few other pages, I’m waiting for my mate to get in touch with his drone so we can fly over the houses and see if it landed on the roof

Appreciate the reply thankyou

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I’ve got the app for air data but I’m struggling to export the data to post on here, any advice

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If anyone can help me locate it further than I already have I would appreciate it, I have uploaded a screenshot of the data, I’m unsure if there is another way to export or upload the data?

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Then once you have the logs in airdata use the share button to get a link to your last flight

Which will give you a link like this, just paste it in a new post

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Sorry mate I was away from my phone , milkman Chris has got you covered there , you have to log in on desktop / Google to be able to share , I had to do the same was no option too do it from the app , or you can do it from your phone but use web browser :+1:t2:


I live in Chadderton and although I can’t go out today, you are welcome to borrow my mini to do a fly over if it helps but you would have to pick it up


Nice one @Kirky , I’ll get on that now.

So many helpful people on this I’m so happy with this community.

@chadman I wouldn’t want to take it out without you (I have just lost one :sob::rofl:)
but I could pick you up and have a look with you when you were free.

@milkmanchris really appreciate the help as well, I’ll be jumping on that now on the laptop. Thank you so much for the help.

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Hi guys, thanks for all the help, I’ve got the airdata link now.
Was it @milkmanchris that knew what to do with it?

If anyone can pinpoint it would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much for all the help.

@chadman if your free at anypoint during day light hours give me a shout, I’m filming tomorow but could do the evening or sat if your free.

Thanks for the help guys